The Alamo By: nathan herman

1. A Mexican force of some 6,000 soldiers led by Santa Anna himself was marching to Texas to punish the Texans for rebelling 2. Davy Crockett led a dozen Tennessee volunteers into San Antonio. 3. Travis and Bowie thought that the Rainey weather would delay the Mexicans. 4. The Texans were wrong, Santa Anna had pushed hard and arrived at the Alamo 5. On the 23rd of February, a lookout spotted the Mexican troops marching down the road.

6. On February 24th Mexican forces began firing on the Alamo. 7. Travis ordered the Texas troops to stop returning the Mexican's fire so they could save ammunition. 8. There were about 200 soldiers defending the Alamo. 9. There was about 1800 Mexican troops trying to get into the Alamo. 10. The Alamo fell and Santa Anna believed tat the fall of the Alamo would convince Texans to surrender


Created with images by tico_manudo - "Flag of Texas" • elcorredor - "the alamo texas san antonio" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Mural: Texas Moves Toward Statehood - section 3 of 5"

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