A Rose for Emily Told by the NEIGHBOR from across the strEet

The story starts off by having Miss Emily Grierson dead and they are having her funeral. Her neighbor Elian has a few words about her

Now the expletive in the town are scared to go in her house because no one has been in it for years and she always stays in that house"there has not been no one that has came out that house since she died I think there might be ghosts inside" Elian said

Father and daughter good relationship

I believe that Emily father ment a lot to her they say that he took real good care of her and he made sure that everyone treated her with respect and that she been treated good by the guys "ohh yeah her dad made sure the guys she dated were the one for her I used to see her father talk to the boys that came to the house" Elaine said

The town got really upset when mad when they found out that she did not have to pay taxes so they made the mayor come to her house and tell her that she had to pay her taxes like everyone else in this town has to do "I really wasn't mad I know the town people were all I see was like a angry mob come down our street I got so scared I stayed in my house" Elaine said

In the end she died in the house and the house servant that was with her vanished and no one seen him again.


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