Dogs all about dogs


Animal shelters have many dogs and puppies. The people at the shelters will help you pick the right dog for you. Look for dogs that are healthy. They have shiny, clean ears, bright eyes, and are happy.


Dogs like toys that they can chew. You can buy well made toys from the shop. Dogs love to play games like fetch and catch balls and frisbees. Buy big toys for your dogs so they don't choke. Dogs like walks. Walk your dog for exercise.


All dogs and puppies need to be trained. Praise your puppies when it uses the newspaper and doesn't make a mistake. Keep moving the newspaper towards the door so the puppy will go outside.


Baby dogs are called puppies. Small dogs can have up to 6 puppies and large dogs can have up to 12 puppies. Puppies have to stay with their mothers until they are eight weeks old because they need milk.


You always have to take care of puppy or dog. If you don't take of your dog on vacation you might be able to leave it with a friend or neighbor. NEVER leave your dog alone!!!!!!


Get everything ready before you bring your new pet home. Your dog needs a bed, food, water, toys, and love.


Put your dog's bed in the room where you want it to sleep at night. For the first few nights, you may have to place your dog in it's new bed.


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