Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a great winter break! We are happy to be back playing games, doing crafts and having fun with all our after schoolers! Take a look some pictures and information from our first week back!


We couldn't believe all the rain this week! Without being able to go outside, we made staying inside even more fun. We played dodgeball, hockey, gaga ball and a new game freeze gaga ball. In the classroom we played a dancing 4 corners game where we danced our way around the room trying to stay in the game for as long as we could. We also did cartwheels, somersaults, and other gymnastic tricks on our mats. During indoor free time, we played with the play houses, magnetic tiles, play-dough and the marble run. Some of us played Apples to Apples and came up with hilarious matching cards.

Las Doce Uvas De La Suerte (The Twelve Grapes)

To celebrate the start of the new year, we learned about the Spanish tradition of the twelve grapes. The tradition consists of eating a grape with each bell ring at midnight of December 31st. It is believed to welcome in the new year and give you 12 lucky months ahead. We cut up six grapes to have 12 grape halves. Then we skewered them. We started with January and ate one grape half. With each half, we made a wish, thought of a goal, or thought about something we wanted to do that month. Many shared their wishes with the group. Some were about birthdays, family members, puppies, and friends. We went through all 12 months, and ended with December and our last grape. Wishing we all have a lucky year ahead!

Park Time

On Friday, we had a break from the rain. We spent part of our day playing at the park. Some of us played eye spy, others swung on the swings and many of us played on the playground.

Arts and Crafts

We put on our creative hats and started our first week back with awesome 2017 crafts. There were velvet coloring pages, fortune tellers, firework rings, New Years hidden pictures, 2017 collages and straw art fireworks. We learned how to fold fortune tellers and give someone their 2017 fortune. The firework rings were a big hit! Made out of pipe-cleaners, many of us bended and twisted different colors together to create colorful and personalized rings. They reminded us of New Years Eve fireworks. On Thursday we searched for hidden items in a hidden picture coloring page. We worked together to find all of the items on the list. Later that day we made 2017 collages with many craft materials. There were shells, buttons, feathers, and lots and lots of sequins. They turned out great! Friday, we used straws to blow air and spread out the food dye drops on our paper to make it look like exploding fireworks. They looked amazing!

Marinwood's First Annual Paper Competition

We concluded the week with a fun competition. Each child was given two pieces of paper. They could fold it, crumple it, bend it or whatever they wanted. They were attempting to throw their pieces of paper from our starting line onto our landing area. Many of them crumpled the paper into a ball but others spent some time folding paper airplanes. It was fun seeing each student create different designs and come up with their strategy. Everyone got a prize in the end. Thanks for participating!


  • There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL MONDAY, JANUARY 16TH. The community center will be closed in observance of MLK day. Have a good weekend!

Next Week

  • Next weeks theme is "Snap, Crackle, Pop" Week. We will be doing Popcorn Olympics, balloon volleyball, and crafts that POP! On Wednesday we will be making homemade Pop-Tarts with strawberry filling! We can't wait!

Thank you for a great week!

Angela Owens

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