CleanShield Washable Antimicrobial 5 Layer Premium Face Masks LABORATORY TEST RESULT SUMMARIES

Official Laboratory Reports

The particle filtration efficiency of CleanShield washable face masks have been fully tested by the Danish Technological Institute using a DEHS1 aerosol test utilizing a SMPS measuring system resulting in a particle capture concentration and size distribution in the range from 7 Nm to 673 Nm (Covid-19 particles are around 60-149 Nm – ref: WHO).

Further testing of the effectiveness of the masks to remove particles was measured before and after hand washing using 30 °C and 40 °C water. The results did not alter the capability of the mask filtering system. Additional hand wash testing (washing the masks) was conducted between 15 times at 40 °C. The results proved only a slight (<1-2%) degradation in the efficiency of the masks to continue to remove particles under the same aerosol testing.

Washing either by hand or using 30 °C or 40 °C water did not appear to alter the efficiency. Also, we could not document a change in efficiency after washing fifteen times at 40 °C.

In association with Pigmentum S.R.O CZ

Aug 2020: Recent laboratory testing of the CleanShield unique mask surface coating technology confirms that the mask will continuously decomposes and kills bacteria and viruses when exposed to a light source (natural or artificial).

Summary to confirm mask surface:

  • ISO 22196:2011
  • ISO 20743:2013

Based on antimicrobial test results CleanShield Face Mask shows very strong and long term antimicrobial activity with almost 100% antimicrobial effect. Based on our best knowledge and in accordance with previous tests CleanShield Face Mask surface acts also effectively against viruses and other organic specimens and pollutant.

Aug 2020: Updated laboratory EN/CE testing of the CleanShield face mask "Conformity Assessment" is listed as:

Worldwide Laboratory Testing Services

CleanShield Face Mask Certification test results confirm:

  • N95 type IIR Surgical Face Mask
  • EN 14683:2019

EN 14683-2019+AC:2019 08/2020 requirements and test methods and results (August 2020):

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency EN 14683 Annex B (Results 99.95%)
  • Differential pressure EN 14683 Annex C
  • Microbial cleanliness EN 14683 / EN ISO 11737-1 (Results 25.8 cfu/g)
  • Breathability (Differential Pressure) EN 14683:2019+AC"2019 Annex C (Result 44.7 Pa/cm2 (+-2.3)
  • Resistance against penetration by synthetic blood ISO 22609-2004 (Results 32 of 32 samples passed at 16 kPa)
University Institute of Diseases - La Laguna


The following standards have been followed with outstanding results:

  • UNE-EN 14476: 2014 + A2: 2020
  • UNE-EN ISO 16256: 2013
  • UNE-EN ISO 20776-1: 2007
  • UNE-EN ISO 20776-2: 2008
Summary Result Details
  • 100% of the test bacteria were killed within 1 minute of touching the mask coating surface.
  • 96.20% of the test virus were killed within 1 minute of touching the mask coating surface. No viruses were detected during the next test period.
  • Futher microorganisms testing on the surface coatings at periods 8, 12, 24, 48 hours and 7 & 15 days, did not register any microorganisms.

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