Roberto Gomes Bolaño was born in February 21, 1929 in Mexico City to mid-class family

In 1954 he started a career as a musician and started writing he continued like this till 1984.

1960: In spite of studying engineering he began writing screenplays and scrips for TV shows

1968 Los Supergenios de la Mesa Cuadrada was Roberto's first comedy show on the air. He was given a 30 minute time slot to fill however he wanted.

1972: He did the of his most famous characters El chavo del 8 (my favorite) and El chaplain colorado. This characters are now watched world wide

In 1980: He featured another show the Chicharrra but it wasn't as famous as El chaco del 8 nor El chaplain colorado. So it was taken down of the screen.

Back to that same year 1980 he divided to make a new version of him this time as Chespirito with staid with him through the years.

in 1988: Chespirito jumps to the big screens making several movies his final movie was released in 1988. he made this movies with his co- workers one of them Ramon Valdes

In 1995 he ended his dynasty his shows continued filming during more than 30 years. also he won meany awards he also earned the keys to Cicero, Illinois; and Mexico released a series of stamps in his honor.

In 2004 he married his sweetheart, Florinda Meza, after 27 years together.

El Chavo del 8, an animated cartoon version of Roberto's famous show, was released in 2006. It continues airing in Latin America today. La vesindnad came together once again.

in 2009: Columbian TV, and he received keys to the city of Soacha later that year he was admitted to the hospital due to heart problems.

Finally in November 28 2014 he sadly passed way in Cancun Mexico at the age if 85. His funeral was seen world wide as it was on TV.

For ever live Roberto Gomes Bolaños



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