The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt experience by Meghan Lowry

The Spacial Experience: When I walked up to the theater, I was a little overwhelmed. This was probably due to the fact that I got lost trying to find it at first, and that I was alone. When I entered the building, I tried to take in everything, but I was rushing a little, as to not be late. My seats were fourth row, center, and I feel that it made the experience better because I was right by the action. I felt excited when the lights dimmed and the audience quieted. The size of the theater did not really affect anything for me, as it did not feel like the theater was as big as it was. I feel like place plays an important role in the good life because many people have their happy place, and without it, your feelings are affected.The Social Experience: I attended the performance alone, but I think that it would have been better with friends. Seeing the play with the people around me was an interesting experience because everyone reacted differently. To me, I do believe that doing things with

The Social Experience: I attended the performance alone, although I do believe I would have enjoyed it more with friends. It was interesting watching the people around me's reactions because everyone reacted differently to different things. I do believe that shared experiences play an important role in the good life, because to me, having people I know there to enjoy things with me, and to discuss about it afterwards, makes it all better.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The main issue addressed in the performance had to do with church and theater, with a little bit of child labor, and unfair working conditions thrown in. I like to believe that I knew a lot of the setting before hand, as I was a big history nerd (and still am). I used to read a lot about that time period, and it was cool to see it being displayed. The subject matter didn't really have a relationship to anything in my life, other than the fact that I really enjoy history, and got it see it played out.

The Emotional Experience: In The Divine Experience: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, there were many different things where the characters had to come clean in order to be happy. For example, the one character would have had to explain his story to the police if he wanted to be truly happy, but he did not, he ripped it up. The other guy wanted to write a play about the poor, and he did just that. Being true to ourselves is what can make us happy, but it is also something extremely hard to do.

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