Florida Museum of Natural History By Ingrid wu


As the same rainy day I visited the Harn, I visited the Natural museum. I have been there two times already, so nothing was really a surprise. News flash, I'm afraid of butterflies. But besides the point, it is a wonderful museum with wonderful ecosystem replicas and fun exhibits.

Nature On Display

The exhibit I found most appealing was the room of a physical replication of the forestry of northwest Florida and how there is such a large variety of plants, animals, and water sources. What I find appealing is that it is a replication of actual outdoors but indoors and it's fake. The level of detail and care that goes into replicating real nature is something I find interesting. What I learned about the natural world is all the background information and its forest form in a condensed and displayed form, as in breaking down every aspect of it.

Nature and Ethics

The experience of nature I felt within the museum was in the Butterfly Garden. Contained and rather small, it was a concentrated form of an ecosystem with birds and butterflies everywhere. Because it was so small, I got to appreciate its entirety rather than a large forest in which I wouldn't be able to. With all the worry of forest and nature conservation, it is understandable why someone would want to conserve something like this. It is our ethical duty as human beings to reverse the destruction placed upon this natural Earth.

Nature and the Human Spirit

To step out of our ordinary lives, it gave us a concentrated scope of the natural world. It allowed us to see life in an objective and observing way because it's already been broke down for us. Or objects are put on display that you would never be able to see in real life, such as dinosaur skeletons and Great White Shark jaws and teeth. It reminds us of the long and great history of the Earth and how the human population did not inhabit it for that long.

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