Dig For Bones By Twelve Foot Ninja


2016 | Rock

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“Dig for bones, lick your wounds, your reward, the leash, remains.”


  • Outlier is the bands second full-length and was produced by the bands guitarist Stevic Mackay.
  • Outlier hit #6 on the ARIA albums chart. (Australian charts.)
  • Check out our page on their song Manufacture Of Consent.


Luke Tatum

"Your cause is not my own." Wait, what? That sounds like treason, am I right? How dare this song defy our great and glorious leaders! Joking aside, doesn't that one line perfectly sum up all of politics? If politicians represented the "will of the people," why would we even need politicla parties? 2 would be one too many, since the general will is so easily condensed into wise and generous elites. Why is it okay to have a house of representatives, when a President should suffice to enact the desires of the populace? Of course, the question is unanswerable. Even the House and the Senate are laughably ineffective. Even state control is missing the mark. Individual expression of preference is the only way to capture individual desires. To content otherwise is foolish.

Sherry Voluntary

I really like the style of this song, kind of a little ska and a little metal, maybe? It’s a good illustration of what happens when a person sells their soul to the devil. You may get to see the world and get money for college, but the cost is way too high. When you sign up to do the bidding of The State, you sign up to follow the orders of the political elite who have proven time and time again that they care nothing about using young men and women to meet their ends regardless of the consequences. Gaining a little money and experience for yourself is not worth the cost of your humanity.

Nicky P

The thing I see in this song is the way it seems to look at the place of war from both a citizen and a soldiers point of view. The song talks about the ways in which we all are forced to interface with the leaders as pawns to their games. Essentially we're all either dogs of war on a leash or lapdogs on a leash. We cheer them on and take pride in the liberty they bring us, while ignoring that there is no liberty, only a comfortable slavery. We watch the soldiers on TV and glorify them and project a sense of national pride on them. Much the same as the people they murder in the name of our rulers. A killer song by a killer band with some solid lyrics.

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Nicky P

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