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I enjoy researching in the library with fellow students and staff. For me, a library is a place for community activities—where students and staff browse, read, learn, share, and even discuss the latest class project or hottest issue in town together. There is so much stimulation of the mind, mutual encouragement of the souls, and learning together in the community. However, where have all the students gone?

Due to the pandemic restrictions, classes have gone online, and most students and staff have also resorted to online research or work at home to keep the social distance. We are grateful for the increase in e-resources available and the awareness of social responsibility in the learning community. Sadly, the current situation has caused the quest for knowledge to be largely ventured alone at home with a laptop and internet access rather than as a community together with fellow students.

As such, we are missing the valuable elements of a learning community: connected learning and life-changing experiences. A learning community is a place where everyone can learn actively through collaboration or connection. Living in a connected world, we cannot afford to live and work like lone rangers as before. Our education is not merely transferring information. The learning community encourages students to succeed as a group in developing critical thinking, solving problems, negotiating conflicts, and other skills. Such learning is more than just memorising to get distinctions. Learning in the community facilitates proactive learning—to make friends, build a network of relationship, and engage with the world.

Learning in the community also empowers students with a life-changing experiences as they deepen their relationship with Christ and one another. Learning at ACTS is more than just attending some modules and completing assignments. Our primary focus is to learn to grow in Jesus and to share our rich experiences of God with others in the world. Our prayer is that students will have a spiritual encounter with God in their lessons and with their learning community in every conversation—whether in class, along the corridor or during the coffee breaks—and, ultimately, find greater significance in everything they do.

God willing, ACTS hopes to reopen on-site classes progressively to let the students enjoy the benefits of learning together in the community. We look forward to the day when the voices of students will fill the library and classrooms again.

我很享受与学生以及同工们一起在图书馆里做学术研究的过程。 对我来说,图书馆是一个进行社群活动的地方,学生和同工们可以在这里浏览、阅读、学习、分享,甚至一起讨论最近的课堂作业或社会最热门的话题。 图书馆里有各样的思想碰撞,灵里的相互勉励以及社群中的学习。 然而,学生们都去哪儿了?

由于疫情的限制,课程都以在线方式进行,多数的学生和同工们也纷纷采取在线研究或在家工作的方式来保持社交距离。 我们感恩学习社群中可用电子资源的增加以及社会责任意识的加强。 但令人遗憾的是,当前的情况导致人们在知识的寻求上大胆尝试独自在家使用笔记本电脑和互联网而不是在社群中与同学同伴们在一起。

因此,我们缺少了学习社群的宝贵元素:相互连结的学习和改变生命的经历。 学习社群是每个人都可以通过协作或联系积极学习的地方。 生活在一个互相连结的世界中,我们无法像以往一样独自生活和工作。 我们的教育不仅仅是传递信息。 学习社群能激发学生的批判性思维,解决问题的能力,冲突管理能力和其他技能。 这样的学习方式不只是为了变得优秀。 在社群中的学习可以促进主动学习-结交朋友,建立关系网络并与世界接轨。

在社群中学习的学生们也会因着加深与基督之间的关系,而在经历生命改变中被赋予大能。在ACTS学习不仅是出席一些课程并完成作业。 我们的关注重点是学习在基督里成长,并与世界中的另一部分人分享我们与神的丰盛经历。 我们祷告:学生们都将在课堂以及学习社群中的每一次对话中都能经历神,无论是在课堂上,在走廊上还是在喝咖啡休息时。最终,他们能在所做的一切事中找到更大的意义。

若神允许,ACTS盼望逐渐重开实体课程,让学生们能享受一起在社群中学习的益处。 我们期盼着学生们的声音再次充满图书馆和课室的那一天。

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