MARGARET GRAY 2015 Mu Nu sweetheart

Margaret and Frater Henry Karlzon on graduation day!

Margaret was elected as our 2015 Mu Nu Chapter Sweetheart and she pledged Kappa Alpha Sigma in the spring of the previous year. She met frater Henry Karlzon (now her fiance) while hanging out at the TKE house on weekends with her Kappa Alpha Sigma sisters. That same year, she attended a Halloween party at the TKE house. She was dressed as a red SOLO cup and Henry was dressed up as The Great Gatsby. She started dating Henry after that event. Margaret studied Industrial Technology Management while at UWP.

You started going to the TKE house with your sorority sisters. What made you want to keep coming around the house?

I kept coming because the guys were really nice and welcoming. They were always fun to be around! I always felt safe at parties and they appreciated it whenever I would cook or bake for them! They were always so friendly.

How did you feel when you were voted as the chapter's Sweetheart?

I felt a huge outpouring of love from all the active chapter and alumni. It was cool to be reached out to by so many people who were a part of the chapter somehow.

What are some of your favorite memories from college with Kappa Alpha Sigma?

Definitely senior send-off nights and banquets! It was always fun when everyone would get together. We did a few Halloween scavenger hunts with TKE and a rush event cookout that's become a staple with TKE too. Those were some of my favorite memories. Also, when I was fundraising chair I organized brat sales downtown. There was always a Teke available and kind enough to take me and a few sisters downtown in their truck with all the equipment and help me set up for the fundraiser. The Tekes were always our best customers too as the night went on!

Before moving to Nashville, had you live outside of Wisconsin before? Where are you from originally?

I am originally from the east side of Milwaukee. I moved to Cary in Illinois, a small northwest Chicago suburb, in middle school. And during college I spent a few summers in Pewaukee, Wisconsin for an internship with Pieper Electric so I've been back and forth between Illinois and Wisconsin.

Do you have family in Illinois too?

Yes, my parents are in Cary still.

What made you decide on UW-Platteville?

I wanted to go to Marquette, but UWP was cheaper and had a lower drop out rate.

Can you tell us a little more about what you do in Nashville?

After graduating UWP, Henry and I moved to Nashville. I participated in a sales development program with Schneider Electric, which transitioned into an inside sales engineer role. I was promoted to project manager in September and support the Midwest area, though Henry and I still reside in Nashville together.

How do you like living in Nashville?

Henry and I have very much enjoyed living in Nashville. I am not a die hard country music fan, but I have been known to enjoy some of the Honky Tonk bars in downtown Nashville once in a while. My favorite part about living in Nashville has been hiking some of the many waterfalls in Tennessee, trying different restaurants, walking to the farmers market on the weekends, and visiting a town called Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains where Henry proposed to me. Moving to Nashville was a spontaneous decision for us based on opportunities we got after graduating! His proposal was a total surprise!

What was the biggest challenge when you two decided to move?

I think it was fairly easy and exciting for me since I moved around in my childhood and knew the drill. It was Henry's first move out of WI and I was able to understand what he might be feeling and offer support. The move brought us very close since we are both about 8-9 hours away from all family and most friends. We have been able to make new many friends and host many existing friends since moving which has been fun.

Have you talked about or planned any wedding details yet?

We haven't made any big plans yet - still in the researching phase.

If you and Henry could travel anywhere together tomorrow, where would you go?

The south part of France.

  1. Country or rock? Rock
  2. Fruit or vegetable? Fruit
  3. Land or sea? Sea
  4. Heels or flip flops? Heels
  5. Soup or salad? Soup
  6. Truck or SUV? SUV
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