Tierra Burrell Holistic Thought Leader. Maker, Healer. Teacher. Speaker. Product Authenticity Advocate. Doula. Entrepreneur. Fitness Fanatic.

Plant-Powered with Positivity!

Daily Affirmation: I am not yet my best self, but I am better than YOU!

Yep, I said it. I made an unwavering commitment to myself to no longer allow anybody to make me feel less than. When I learn, I teach and I have a legion of strong-minded supporters who have learned to affirm themselves in the same way.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tierra Burrell, founder of Tierra Goes Green, a lifestyle consulting firm turned handmade, plant-based skin care creation company. I am the ultimate Plant-based Civilization Upgrader but make no mistake, I am not out here pushing any recruitment agenda. My purpose on this planet is to make you aware, share my knowledge and help guide you to a higher vibration of YOU if...YOU choose me.

I have thousands of supporters around the world whom I have helped heal and inspire, originally with my 10-day detox program and currently with my lifestyle consultations as well as speaking / teaching engagements. Where science fails, nature succeeds. NATURE ALWAYS WINS!

I encourage every being I have the honor to influence to strive to be better. Otherwise, what are we actually doing on this planet!

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"You look like what you do CONSISTENTLY!" - Tierra Burrell

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"I eat organic fruits and vegetables because these foods produce ZERO side effects in my life." - Tierra Burrell

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I am always going to advise my audience to read because books make the world expand!

Unity in Community - Collaborating for Change!


I treat myself really well and working out is just an extension of that. My body is my temple.

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Love yourself unapologetically and do flips to celebrate yourself!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I love unicorns!
  • I love listening to Ace Hood as much as Gary Vee!
  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • I love warm beverages in the morning.
  • I exercise multiple times per day.
  • I read at least two books per week.
  • I had my first ever all plant-based Thanksgiving with my family in 2017!
  • I mastered the art of NOT taking anything personally by reading "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Before Tierra could change others, she had to change herself. She envisioned the change she wanted to see and became her vision.

Tierra at 24 versus 34

"My "sensei" Tierra Burrell has helped me immensely to process my way through sickness, emotional baggage and unhealthy habits. We would like to believe that "eating right" and exercising is all there is to getting into shape and losing weight. Truthfully, the change has to begin in your mind!" - Eumika Griffin, Musician

"Just don't give up on yourself!!! Push through it ALL and Show Up for Yourself Every Single Day. I'm getting better everyday. I've never made a good thing a habit...Tierra Goes Green I am forever grateful and Sexy too!!!! - Isabel Renee

"Clean eating, knowledge from Tierra and discipline contributed to this. Same shirt different insides. #tierrataughtme"

"She is such a blessing and grateful for her waking me up to a healthier lifestyle. It's not about the weight loss because I know it will come off but it's about being Healthy! I have more energy and I even workout 2 x a day...4/5 days a week. Tierra taught me how to eat which is all mental and once I made up in my mind that I wanted a change it wasn't hard to do."

I feel like a superhero on the inside, the outside is just the bonus. I look like how I treat myself! - Tierra Burrell

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Selfish Talk Podcast
Dreams in Drive Podcast
Brown Vegan Podcast
Doctor's agenda is all about creating customers, not cures.

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When you learn...TEACH

Interview Talking Points

1. So, tell me who is Tierra Burrell?

  • Tierra Burrell is an evolution.
  • She is always on a hunt to be better.
  • A Cognitive Ecstasy Addict
  • A Plant-Based Civilization Upgrader
  • Formulator of Face Flavors, Pain Poshun and Temple Treats
  • Someone who loves herself unconditionally

2. What is your mission?

My mission is to educate the people I am grateful to influence, to be AWARE of how the choices they are today will affect the person they are to become in the future.

3. What are your most valuable speaking topics?

Keeping It G: Green, Glowing & Growing

Mastering Your Menstrual Cycle

4. What will the audience learn from your message or workshop?

The audience will learn how to immediately implement products or habits that will help them reach their higher self.

5. How can the audience connect with you after the event?

Email: TierraGoesGreen@gmail.com

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Seminars, Meetings, Festivals, Webinars, Workshops, Coaching, Consulting

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The Tierra Goes Green product line developed organically from the need to provide my loyal supporters viable SOLUTIONS!

To book Tierra for your next event, please email Booking@tierragoesgreen.com!