The Episcopal Church in the United States Brian sheriDan, Mikey Eretzian, Bryan carlucci, John bonano

A Brief History of the Church

The Episcopal Church in the United States was founded in 1789 in Philadelphia, PA. There, nine dioceses met to ratify the Episcopal Church of England's initial constitution. Three years later, an election was held on Wall Street to figure out who the first bishop would be. Thomas John Clagget was elected and is the first bishop.

Inside of an Episcopalian Church

The Church’s membership

There are approximately three million people that belong to the Episcopal Church in the United States.


Most of the Episcopalian beliefs are the same as Catholic beliefs, but there are some differences. One difference is that Eucharist and Communion. Their main belief is to follow the Great Commandment, to love God and neighbor fully.

Social Action

The episcopalians socially do a lot of rebuilding projects, resourcing other places in need of help and they support local coalitions

Are there any congregations nearby?

There are churches near Chaminade high school. There is one in Garden City, and two in Williston Park, Floral Park, Hempstead, etc.

Do they have Sacraments? If so, which ones? If not, what do they do instead?

The episcopal church believes in ALL seven sacraments that us Catholics do.

What is their leadership like?

A Christian church divided into nine provinces and had dioceses in many countries. It was to separate from the Church of England after the American Revolution.


The structure of the episcopal church is governed according to its own system of the canon law. The church is organized into dioceses which are led by bishops with representative bodies.

Names of Leaders?

Michael B. Curry

Michael B. Curry.

Global connections?

Overseas bishops, covenant partners, and companion dioceses. The tally results from the Office of Anglican and Global relations of 57 individuals. Including bishops from Jerusalem, Cyprus, Mexico, Central America, Philippines, Brazil, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Canada.

Are there any symbols associated with the church?

Yes, these symbols are Marilyn Dale, Jan Neal, Miranda Hassett, and the Zhongxian Tang.

What is their relationship to the Catholic Church like?

Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City, NY

Both are Christian and believe in Jesus Christ. There isn't bad blood between the two churches but the Episcopalian church is more complex and hard to understand from Catholic viewpoint.

Any other interesting facts or information?

Welcomes all believers in Jesus Christ. This church derives from at least the second century. Unlike the Catholics leading figure, the Pope, Episcopalians have their own head, Archbishop of Canterbury. Their clergy can marry, female deacons, priests, and bishops are allowed. Have all the 7 Sacraments Catholics have.


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