The Answer Salon By Kaystephan diVersities, LLC

The Journey...

I’m Valerie Spivey Danzy and I own The Answer Salon by KayStephan Diversities, LLC. My journey to this place has been extensive. I received a full tuition scholarship to Cosmetology school in 1984 and completed school in 1985, while completing high school and beginning college. I was licensed in 1986. Subsequently, I worked many years full time at New Attitude Salon until it was closed due to unforeseen circumstances with the building. After that time I worked from a designated space in my home while working in corporations, non-profit, entrepreneurial and state agencies. I have always had clients and never let my license lapse.

Hair has always been a labor of love for me. I enjoy people and the connections that are made between the stylist and the client.

The Answer Salon by KayStephan is a revival of New Attitude Salon from the 80’s and 90’s. New Attitude was my mom’s salon where I worked many years as a Cosmetologist.

Like New Attitude, The Answer is based in North Little Rock, AR offering the latest styles including natural hair styling and maintenance. Our objective is to establish and maintain healthy hair and beauty that will in turn give the client the confidence to present themselves in the world. Our company-wide tagline is “Your Audience Awaits!”

Everything we do is image based. Whether is your personal style or business style we are here to help you stand and deliver.

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We are looking for a salon mate with a mature business focused attitude to come into the salon. If you are in need of a space and are of a pleasant, laid-back spirit, contact me at 501-313-1156.