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Welcome class of 2021!! While you have had a challenging year with this pandemic, I'm looking forward to summer and hopefully Covid is only in our past!

**The session fee is for the time and talent of the photographer including, but not limited to: A 45+ Senior Prep Guide to prepare the senior for their session along with detailed emails to remind seniors and offer tips for a successful session! The session price also includes the time necessary for planning and set up, local travel, camera equipment, lighting, etc... NO hidden fees.

Package A


This is perfect for the senior who just needs the basics! Some wallet hand outs, yearbook image, a great headshot for the wall, and a few other options for family.

  • 30-45 minutes
  • 45+ page prep guide to make sure you're all set for session day
  • 1 outfit
  • One location spot in the city of Chilton
  • 20+ previews for your choosing
  • Fine art editing, dedicating 5+hours to your senior portraits.

Package B


This is for seniors with one sport to focus on and/or wanting more outfit changes and may have a hobby or sport to show off!

  • Up to 2 hours photo time
  • 3-5 outfits
  • Location options (details below)
  • 60+ previews for your choosing
  • 45+ page prep guide to make sure you're all set for session day
  • Fine art editing, dedicating 20+hours to your senior portrait experience

VLP does not photograph seniors from the same school at the same locations. You WILL have your own unique experience from your entire class!

Here is the Senior Product Catalog to view the portrait prices.

Bonus Perk!

Image taken just outside of Iron Mountain, MI in a natural stream water fall.

Photography Location: NIAGARA, WI/ IRON MOUNTAIN, MI (They are just a few miles from one another).

I am fortunate to be able to have an oasis for my family to get away to throughout the year and even better... offer it to my clients. My parents have a beautiful home and 100s of acres for me to photograph at. Because this has been such a hot spot for senior sessions, I just keep offering it! For more information, click on the button link.

A D D - O N S

Large Animal: $50 (What's considered a large animal? ...You cannot pick it up. (This would include being a barn with your animal or herd of animals.)

Small Animal: $25 (Meaning, you can pick up the animal)

Sport/Hobby [No set up]: One is included with Package B. It just counts as an another outfit. Just an outfit change and a prop (ex: ball or instrument). These are still shots/posed pictures that are done right after the regular session in a natural setting.

Additional Sport/Hobby: $50 each additional sport/set up. (These are still shots/posed sports pictures that are done right after the regular session in a natural setting.)
Action Shots: $150 This is a one-time fee if you'd like 1-3 sports with action shots (this is with different lighting techniques and time necessary)

Your School Facility: $150 per additional hour from the regular senior session. This is for any senior who would like to photograph on their school track, in the gym, auditorium, etc... This includes unique and creative lighting! There are usually 100s of pictures taken for this part. We can typically work something out for location to be near your school to do this at the end or the beginning of your session.

This is usually purchased with the custom montage ($75 for the custom design on an 11x14 Metallic Print to put the sports pictures into one image (see above for sample of montage of a sample). If we must do this on a different day, the total is $250 to cover another session time.

A Senior Session Guide will be updated in early spring with TONS of information regarding your session. Make sure you open that email and SAVE it so you can view it as much as you'd like in the future. The Session Guide will give lots of information as well as tons of pictures and locations. If you change your mind on locations (other than Niagara), NO problem.

ONE more important thing..... 95% of our communication is email (and some text.) As you likely know, I'm a one-person team. You will be viewing your proofs online, choosing your proofs online, and receiving detailed emails to guide you through every process...again for 95% of our communication. It is very important for ease of communication that you check your emails regularly and that you or someone in your home has a basic knowledge of online ordering (with directions). If in-person proofing and ordering is the only option you can do, please let me know this before you book your session since I will need to book another session time to view and choose your images and another session to order your final choices. If reading emails thoroughly or writing emails is not going to be convenient for you, VLP may not be a good suit for your senior portrait experience.

REMINDER: Dates from JUNE 29-JULY 8th are in NIAGARA ONLY. For more information regarding sessions up north, click on this link: Niagara

​Please feel free to text or email me any questions I have not clarified or something I've missed.

Ready to book! Great! (NOTE: If you see open dates in June and July, you can still book. Once I have my limit, the dates will close (so don't be fooled by numerous open dates!).

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