Neoprene by emely

What is its original form? Neoprene's original form is Ploycholroprene which is mostly carbon and hydrogen atoms.

What is the chemical change required to make Neoprene?The chemical reaction required to make Neoprene is the polymerization of choroprene which is a compound of carbon and hydrogen

Chemical and Physical properties of Neoprene.Some Physical properties are it is stretchy,and it also is bumpy and rubbery. Some Chemical properties are it's fire and gas resistant,and will no longer work if it freezes

This is neoprene fabric which makes wetsuits

How does it affect the environment? Neoprene gives off gases if burned,so it is not totally environmentally friendly

How has it impacted society?Neoprene affects society because there is a high demand to create things like it tires, wet suits, and coating on weights

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