Honoring A Legacy Dedication Ceremony of the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion Canto Grande, Perú

The District of Perú hosted the dedication ceremony for the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion on May 12, 2018 at the Pavilion in Canto Grande, Perú. The facility bears Fr. David Farrell's name and honors his legacy and is located in the Canto Grande community outside of Lima, Perú where the Congregation has served since the mid-1970s.

Fr. David E. Farrell, C.S.C., was a missionary in Perú for thirty years, with the last twenty spent in Canto Grande, one of the largest and most impoverished barrios of Lima. Here, he served as pastor to over 250,000 people in Perú's largest Catholic parish.

Pictured below are Holy Cross priests and lifelong missionaries, (left) Fr. Phil Devlin, C.S.C., and (right) Fr. David Farrell, C.S.C., unveiling the donor plaque at the Dedication Ceremony on May 12, 2018. Fr. Devlin was the first director of Fe y Alegría 25 School and has served there since Holy Cross began their ministry there 40 years ago. Between these two missionaries, they have given over 70 years of service in Perú.

Donor Plaque

The Pavilion is located within the parameters the Congregation's school, Fe y Alegría 25, which will enable the school to use this space for gatherings, and as an additional source of income.

The Pavilion is a semi-enclosed, multi-purpose facility for use by all the Holy Cross ministries in Lima. It will serve in so many ways to be a true center for parish and school activities, sports, cultural events and many celebrations of the sacraments.

We are grateful to all who have been an important part of this project - it will serve the community there for many years!

Top Picture: Procession for Dedication Mass which included Holy Cross religious from Perú, Chile, and United States along with Fe y Alegría students. Bottom Left: Students from Yancana Huasy with their family members and friends dressed in traditional Peruvian costumes to perform for the audience. Bottom Right: Final Preparation for Dedication Ceremony.
Students from Fe y Alegría 25 performed traditional folklore dancing at the Dedication Ceremony. What an amazing way to highlight the beauty and diversity of Perú, which is honored and shared within the Holy Cross Family.
Pictures from the Dedication Ceremony at the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C. Pavilion

Before the construction of the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion, all large-scale gatherings had to take place outdoors on the dry and dusty fields surrounding the school. The Pavilion is the only structure of its kind in this sector of Lima.

Beautiful colors, joyful smiles, and the celebration of Christ's sacrifice made the dedication ceremony very special and filled with Love.
Fr. Farrell attended and was accompanied by others from the province with ties to the Holy Cross mission in Perú, as well as representatives from the Congregation and Holy Cross Family Ministries.
Among the guests at this celebration were a number of the donors and long-time friends of Holy Cross in Perú .
Dancers from Holy Cross schools, Yancana Huasy and Fe y Alegría 25, in Canto Grande celebrate with the community and share their skills of traditional Peruvian dance.
It is a wonderful blessing to honor Fr. Farrell's years of service, dedication, and missionary endeavors with the dedication of this pavilion, for it will stand always as a reminder of his service and a mode of continuing his legacy for future generations in Canto Grande and the Congregation.

¡Gracias a todos y todas por su colaboración con este proyecto hermoso!


Photos Provided by: Bob Hannon, Joe Spiak, Peru Photographers.

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