5 Must-Have Web Features Neccesities for every website

There are certain elements that designers and coders simply cannot ignore when creating effective websites. Here are 5 features that almost all websites need to succeed.


This might be the single most important feature that many sites neglect - a call to action. While a website might impress visitors, it will be exceedingly difficult to receive any business without a hook.

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A CTA tells the customer what to do and usually includes a sense of urgency. Every business needs to take advantage of this fundamental marketing technique.


Without the most effective keywords or meta tags, sites have a hard time pulling any serious traffic. Websites need to include specific keywords in everything from page titles to photo descriptions. SEO is a dynamic field that can be overwhelming for many, and most major companies outsource this daunting task. There is much more to SEO than can be addressed here, but its importance cannot be overstated. Companies such as MDRN Web Design provide this service for those who don't have the time or resources to personally dive into the realm of search engine optimization.

SEO is the key to getting visitors to your website


Whether you offer discounts or some other type of incentive, you need to start getting reviews. Potential customers are likely to look for ratings on popular sites such as Google Business and Yelp. Without any positive reviews, it's very difficult to establish any sort of credibility online. Offering an incentive for customers (especially happy ones) to leave a review, will help you to establish your brand across the web.


Having contact info on the home page is optimal. Customers shouldn't have to look very far to find ways to reach you, and a contact form is a great way to generate leads who wouldn't reach out otherwise. Many websites (such as Google Forms) allow you to create custom forms and generate the code for free. You don't have to be fluent in PHP to start hearing from potential customers. Accessibility is paramount with any business.


With so many scams around the web, it's no surprise that most visitors to your site will be skeptical until given reasons to think otherwise. The "about us" section has been a staple of the standard webpage formula since the dawn of the internet, but it's also an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch to your site. Professional headshots of employees and individual email addresses help the customer to become more familiar with your team, and if done correctly, more responsive to your call to action.

Here is an example of an "about us" section that helps familiarize visitors with the company.
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