Me at the Harn Museum of Art

Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York - Ernest Fiene, 1922.

This is the painting I chose to use as a display for the first aspect, Medium/Technique. The way that Ernest Fiene constructed this painting is incredibly interesting to me. The way the paint dried to the canvas in blobs at the end of each stroke of color is something you can truly only see in person. Without seeing this painting in person, it would be difficult to see how 3D it is. It adds an entirely different vividness to each color that makes it a new scene in person. I think Fiene's technique is really unique in the choice of colors used to create the landscape. It seems to be more of a fall scenery with more burnt colors whereas Fiene uses popping and vibrant colors to create his depiction of this scene. The artwork made me actually interested, which is something I usually do not feel when I look at art.

A Particular Wing in the Harn Museum

I chose this picture to depict the second aspect, the design of the museum. This particular area of the Harn Museum was very pleasant to me for multiple reasons. The design of the wing is such that you can view walls of paintings and various 360 degree exhibits in one position. The lighting, carpet, and color of the walls give off a comfortable vibe, similar to one of a family room in a house. The comfort and ease of viewing can allow a guest to get a better feel of the art by giving it a more inviting tone.

The Woodcutter - Robert Gwathmey, 1945

This painting shares a scene of a woodcutter and another man. It depicts an era of slavery in which hard work was incredibly prevalent. The shade of the sky shows a time when the sun is just before set which gives the notion that this man has been out cutting work for a very long time. However, he shows no signs of quitting anytime soon. This scenery is why I chose this painting to represent the third aspect, my core values. One of the values I hold dearly to me is hard work. I would like to think of myself as a rather hard working individual and this painting connects to me on a personal level.

Landscape with Three Deer - Herman Herzog, (Date Unknown).

This painting shows a landscape full of purity and this purity is created by the nature. This is perfect for showing something that I think represents an aspect of life that I very much want to protect and immerse myself in. I want to explore nature a lot throughout my life and learn from it and I believe this is one way to achieve my own unique Good Life. This painting reminded me of this goal and it made me happy to view this artwork. I think it shows a very good representation of what I desire in my future.

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