Only Time Will Tell...

"I believe the future will surprise us. We live in a time today where media is very manipulative and mischievous. I can imagine that the future will consist of a nonbiased news sources and more reliable information."
"The people in recent times are alienated from each other, and media tools are becoming more like an addiction rather than help. But that is just me, the way I see it, it does not mean it's the right thing. Also, today, anyone and anywhere can put the news, photos, and it's hard to distinguish what is true. There is a great risk that the future flow of information might take an unrealistic picture/ overview. The goal is to bring people together and not alienate them from each other."
"I would describe the media as another parent. The media will always be there to guide me through the good and the bad times. It will help shape me into a woman that will someday make a huge change and impact on a society that is consumed by so much technology... I just hope the future will not disappoint."
"Technology has made a huge impact on our society today, positive and negative. I believe we can use technology in a positive light, but there are always people who will abuse that privilege. I'm not sure what the future brings in regards to technology and media, but I am anxious to see what will unfold in my lifetime."
"Presently, we have any information we could imagine at our fingertips thanks to technology. Smart phones have made it easy to find and share news and information. Technology will continue to grow and make it easier for us to learn"
"The media has impacted my life and I am inspired to have an open mind to the social media. Social media is an open gateway for technology and we need to take advantage of this opportunity"
"When I think about the future of news and journalism, I can't help but to look at examples from the past. When the printing press was invented nobody would have ever known how important the mass distribution of books would be to civilization. It took hundreds of years just to see the affects. Now we're just years into the internet and news on the internet. If we are just in the beginning stages of internet news and journalism, who knows the ways in which it will develop? I'm excited and a little jealous that the future generations will get to see how our technological innovations affected the whole world"
"It's hard to imagine how the future of news media is going to advance from where it's at now. We have seen it change drastically over the course of history, and I'm sure there will be numerous more advancements and innovations. It's just hard to imagine right now what those advancements will be as technology continues grow. I personally listen to a lot of podcasts, but I don't see this outlet of media being something that will continue to grow. As news media becomes more and more instantaneous, podcasts are put at a disadvantage because, by their very nature, they are not instantaneous"
"I mainly use online sources for most of my media and news. It's the fastest way to be informed. But I still really love reading newspapers, even though most news outlets are in the process of moving online."
"As technology has gone farther, our access to news has expanded with it. The downfall of this is that everyone has access to produce news so the reader is forced to be educated before believing anything"
"I believe the media is changing the world for the good and the better. A problem with getting our news instantly is many people jump to conclusions on actions and problems in our society before they read or get the full story. But one must also look at the advantages of getting instant news and information. You can better inform yourself and keep in touch with what is going on in the world at push of a button rather than waiting for the newspaper to come every morning or wait for the 5 o'clock news. I personally really love Instagram because I am an avid picture taker. I also use Twitter to keep up with many celebrities and express my feelings very quickly. My follower base on Twitter and Instagram goes up daily because of the inspirational and uplifting words I say."
'When I think about the future, I think it will be different from what a lot of people think. To me, our generation is so smart with technology and we are so aware of everything around us. The media is always changing and it will continue to change and become better."
"I think the media will change as technology advanced into virtual reality. I imagine that, someday, we will be able to be right there in the studio with the anchors. We can already see a story develop almost minute by minute in some cases, but I imagine this will continue into the future. Technology is making instantaneous news more common"
"I think that media is something that is always changing to keep up with the times and match the technology. However, with this ease of access to information, it can be difficult to find what is accurate vs. what was put out for the sake of being first. As technology keeps changing, so will the ease of access. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how news is released and received'
"Media is a double edge sword. Technology has only sharpen the sword. Media can easily help and provide needed information but it can also be use to send misinformation and used to promote personal goals. Keep your eyes peeled but be critical of any source of media and seek emprical data and truth even if you hate the results because it's easyy to be blind but to see requires effort."
"Media is always changing and there will always be something new. I think it's always us playing catch up with new innovations in the present day and in the future. It's hard to imagine what will be different within the next year, 5 years, or even 10 years. It's great to be apart of a generation with creative minds and thinking of the next best thing with media"

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