Innovative Media by: katerina ikrathova (0330303)

ASSIGNMENT 1: E-portfolio


My name is Katerina and I am an exchange student from Prague, Czech Republic, who expect that the module Innovative Media should be a great experience for her future life.

I wish to become a digital nomad with a possibility to work from the places all around the world, so I definitely need to know how to survive in the era of innovative media.

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation


Pizza Party - a game where you create your own pizza and watch it comes to life.

A group photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

5 anti-drug lessons We learned from Trainspotting

Lots of people wish their life was exactly same like in a movie. But they should be careful what they wish for because movies are not always about our dream life. On the one hand there are Hollywood movies about perfect life and on the other there are movies which are much more than just entertainment. They motivate us, make us to think and spread some meaningful messages.

Welcome to the Trainspotting world!

“Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose somethin' else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?”

Well, there are at least 5 reasons and unquestionable life lessons we learned from Trainspotting why we should never take drugs. And they are quite obvious.

1. Drugs make you ugly

Most of the drugs will change your appearance. You don't feel hungry so you don't eat and end up look very thin and unhealthy. Addicted people tend to have skin that making them look much more older, they have rotten teeth and hair loss problem. So, would you rather date weak Ewan McGregor from Trainspotting, the brave and strong McGregor from Star Wars or the sexy McGregor from I Love You Phillip Morris?

I thought it.

2. Not living the life, just surviving

Most drugs are recognized as poisons. And, of course, poisons are not good for your body. There is not a drug without harmful effects. Addicted persons tend to have a weaker immune system, their organs do not work as well and they get tired and sick so easily. Using drugs causes enormous destruction of the body, especially in the brain because drugs react in the brain to change the way the body feels. We all know that. These people are simply just some kinds of surviving creatures. A drug addict will not feel like himself or herself without using drugs. They live their lives out of reality and often end up in an accident that may result in serious injuries or death.

3. No money = no funny

One of the typical signs of the slide into addiction is lost jobs. Drug prices are very high and addicted people often face with financial problems.

Money from other areas of life goes to supporting this addiction. The addicted person most likely starts to criminal activities to keep up the habit. In the early days they deal with loans from acquaintances, later commit fraud and theft.

4. Forever alone

Drug addicts often lose interest in their friends because drug experiences are so strong that they no longer need anything else. Their interests are starting to dissipate - drug addiction increases and everything else falls apart.

However, there are frequent cases where the whole group can try drugs that later begin an addiction. In this case, their "friendship" remains, but as soon as someone in the party begins to fight drug addiction, they usually leave the party.

5. It will not solve your problems, it will make new ones

People start using drugs because they want to change something in their life. Most often they want to be part of the team, bend boredom, experiment, and solve some problems. Although it is difficult to face the consequences of drug use are always worse than the problems they are trying to solve. Many people become mean or aggressive when they use drugs, it can trigger panic attacks or personality changes that could make you a burden on your friends, family and lovers. Where do you see them in five years? Do you think that they have chance to have kids, wife or husband and nice house with all the previous facts about drug addicts? Of course not. The second part of the movie, Trainspotting 2, clearly showed us that people never changed.

So, choose life. But not that one from Trainspotting. Or Trainspotting 2.

Exercise 3: Infographics

As a follow-up to the Trainspotting movie, this Infographic shows the life circle of drug addicts.

When people become truly addicted to drugs, they get into a vicious circle from which is no escape. Without the drug, they feel hopeless and sad, so that they do everything to get their drug. They lose people around, their work, and their usual lives. Everyday fun stuff like spending time with friends, family, walking, playing with children or pet doesn’t make them happy anymore.

And the whole circle often ends with death.

Statistics source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile App Name: (Un)Dressed

Description: (Un)Dressed is an app that explores fashion for every girl. Ranging from fashion inspiration to playing dress up, purchasing fashionable and exchanging with other young girls around you.

It is app for girls who

a) want to be sure what exactly is in their closet (so they can decide what to wear before they even get from the bed)

b) want to buy new and similar clothes they have already put to their "Inspiration" part

c) want to change their clothes with other girls (and take new pieces from them of course...)

d) want to save the inspirational outfits they have found

Our (Un)Dressed App is easy to use, yet interesting to find what every young girl is looking for.

Basic Login Screen
About Us
Find us also on FB!
Be sure what you have in your closet
For example take picture of all your dresses
Have all your inspiration together
For example - what is ideal to wear for a date?
Shop new pieces
Don't forget to change the clothes in your closet
Put away pieces you don't wear
Take new pieces from other girls

Assignment 2: Video

The topic we've chosen is travel. Our social media page goes by the name "What's In My Bag". Our page aims to inform people who are planning to travel on what to include in their bags when they pack for their trip. This page is geared towards people who aren't sure of what to expect of the place they're travelling to but would still like to be prepared. To promote our page we've decided to show a few essentials you should include in your bag when travelling to certain places.

Mindmap & Moodboard



"What's In My Bag?" storyboard


"What's In My Bag?" script/treatment


My group

Assignment 3: chat stickers

Meet Mr. Greenie

He loves water, ships and he would like to become a captain one day.

And today is finally the day when he is leaving for his dreamy vacation!

Oh, but this is also the first time he travels somewhere on his own...

Theme: Travel

1. Sleepy

Mr. Greenie is so tired of packing and planning for his vacation that he went to bed early today (and kept dreaming about his trip).

Sleepy sketches

2. Happy

He was SO happy when he finally packed all his stuff. (I saw him waving and screaming Yeeey...)

Happy sketches

3. Sad

Even though he loves his vacations, he realizes that he miss his family a lot. He tries to cry quietly so no one around him can hear him.

Sad sketches

4. Working

He took a chance and followed his dreams to become a captain of a ship. (At least for a day.)

Working sketches

5. Angry

He hates when it's raining all day long and he can't explore the beach. But he can't help himself watching the storm and being more and more angry.

Angry sketches

6. Confused

Mr. Greenie was so confused when he was packing. What should he choose? Something for swimming? Something for cold nights?

Confused sketches


Where the idea of Mr. Greenie was born.
Created By
Katka Ikráthová


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