Noel Night A wonderful way to kick off the 2016 christmas season

This is a wonderful picture of the beautiful Infrastructure of the Charles H Wright museum during the annual Noel Night on December 3, 2016.
Right here is a small piece of art work at the DIA entitled "Patterns of Leadership." It represents leaders wearing patterned clothes. As stated on the plaque in ancient Peru, the elaborate clothing indicated the social status you were at.
Right here was a picture of Rashid and Mr. DeBruin inside the library located right across the DIA.
This is a corvette inside the Detroit science center. After bum rushing in order to save time to get into the science center I just love cars, so I felt I needed to get this in there.
Right here is a picture of my man Paris discovering there was a piece of artwork in Charles H Wright that looked exactly like him lol.
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Rashid Alghali


Created with images by jodelli - "Ren Cen, night"

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