Kamryn Yanez's Genius Hour

Blog Post #1

I have decided to focus on extending my previous project over studying how I can write songs over the span of six weeks that reflects my feelings. This is important to me because i usually don't set aside enough time to express myself creatively, and musically. I think I can make a lot of progress by songwriting and reflecting my feelings through my music. My goals for this project are to write more songs and experiment lyrically. I will measure my goals by tracking how many songs i get finished with at the end of each week until the six weeks is up. Another goal is to collaborate with other people; lyrically. I think it would be really neat to see how other peoples emotions, mixed with your own, can make a song. The outcome of that could lead to inspirations, and a different vibe than what you're used to. I love the whole concept of anything musical and productive. Putting your talent to an actual use is amazing and not many people can do it. So why not attempt it.

Blog Post #2

i have learned so far from this endeavor that songwriting takes a lot of focus and you have to be in a very creative mindset to produce music that is playable and based on your mood that could be difficult. I have learned about myself that I get very easily distracted and an extreme procrastinator when it comes to due dates and such. Songwriting is fun for me because it is something that I like doing but I like doing it at my own pace. I absolutely hate being told what to do, I'm very independent. I have mostly, as a resource, just have been studying the change in my emotions through my writing and its...interesting. From here i will continue to write music and hopefully at the end of all of this it would be nice to get in touch with actual music producers and composers. I have a friend whom I'm collaborating with at the moment and the difference in our writing is very unique, so, I'll see how that goes!

Blog Post #3

In my 3rd week of doing this project, I have learned that songwriting and everything about it is a process. I have also learned what kind of music I want to create and express through my writing. Throughout the time we have been doing this, emotions pretty much change daily, you have to choose which ones to filter out in your music. I have learned about myself that i can pretty much get things I need to get done if I want to. If I don't have that motivation, this project would never get done on time. The sources or research I used this week wasn't really a resource I used online I talked to one of my friends who writes songs and sings and we talked about collaborating so hopefully at the end of this well have that finished! From here all i'm really planning on doing is recording the song with my friend and continue to record my emotions throughout my music.

Blog Post #4

I have learned so far in my 4th week of working on my genius hour project that this is a very complex project to study on. Being that there are many emotions and over the span of six weeks they can change very rapidly and consecutively. I have learned about myself that I really like songwriting which should be obvious but I guess before now I haven't usually made time for it and have been pretty busy so it was hard to. Now that its a project I kind of have to, which is good. I enjoy it. This week for resources Ive just been writing with my really good friend Francesca. Weve been working on producing the music and writing more. From here im going to continue to write more music and see where it takes me. So far everythings going way better than planned.

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