Shiloh By:Maddie Klund

This is my book report about the book Shiloh.The setting is in the country living on a in a ranch. The main characters are the dog named Shiloh and Shiloh is a Beagle. The kid Marty who is 11,and the owner of Shiloh is Judd Travers. The point of view is from the kid Marty. The problem in the story was that Shiloh was owned by Judd and doesn't like living with him as a hunting dog. The solution was that Marty steals Shiloh from Judd and keeps him in a pin in his backyard that Marty made him with steal wires. The whole story wrapped up is that first Shiloh has to live with Judd as a hunting dog. Next,Shiloh follows Marty home and Marty starts to think that Shiloh has a hard life living with Judd because Judd was not a very Pleasant person. Then, he wants to buy Shiloh from Judd and he needs money so he goes with his dad and picks up cans everyday.But one day, he steals Shiloh and brings Shiloh home with him so he can stay safe. Lastly, Marty makes him a steal wire pin that Shiloh can stay in. I definitely recommend that my friends read this because it is really funny,it is a dog book,and it is kinda sad. That is m y book report about Shiloh.


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