Spain signs treaty recognizing that Saint-Domingue is French territory! Dayana dean

Map of the countries involved in the War of Coalition
  • Prelude: The Peace of Basel of 1795 are three peace treaties that involved France during the French Revolution. The signing over of Saint-Domingue is one of the three treaties signed. Before Saint-Domingue was signed over on April 5, 1795, the first treaty was signed. This treaty involved the King of Prussia and France. Prussia's king signed over the Rhine river as the French eastern border. This marked the end of Prussia's participation in the War of the First Coalition.
Manuel de Godoy "Prince of Peace " Manuel de Godoy: By Agustin Esteve y Marqués (1753-c.1820) (Unknown) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Map of Saint-Domingue By Siso84 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Summary: After months of battle between France and Spain, both countries came to a conclusion to sign a treaty after Spain foresaw a loss in the future for them. Spain's Manuel de Godoy, also known as the "Prince of Peace" initiated the beginning of the treaty. He stated that Spain's economic difficulties, troop shortage, and lack of money called for peace. This became what we know now as the Second Treaty of Basel. This treaty took place on Jul 22, 1795. In the treaty it disclosed that parts previously belonging to Spain were now France's and that places occupied by French troops were to be given to Spain.
  • Hypotheses: Each time a treaty is signed it seems that another country drops out of the War of Coalition. If this is the case I believe that if another treaty were to be signed really soon the War of Coalition will be over. Learning from their mistakes now the Spaniards will make sure that they are adequate in supplies before embarking in battle. Also, France will receive more territories based on the territories the have received now.
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