Atlantis, WCape 22 October, 14h00 - 16h00

KERRIA PRIMARY SCHOOL, 76 Kerria Ave, Protea Park, ATLANTIS, Cape Town, 7349, South Africa

Making fundraising the key to unlock life and business acumen amongst Primary School Students in 2020

Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter, BRUSSELS, Belgium

This event is the South African launch of the Media-Learn-Earn-Transform project This proposal is based on the presupposition that a comprehensive and real-life learning experience within an enabling environment for South African children and young people where learning and earning are intentionally connected, will lead to gainful employment, entrepreneurship possibilities and equity for youth and females.

Learning Academy Worldwide and its partners will lead a multi-sector initiative for some 3000 students from 14 Primary Schools in the Kwazulu-Natal and Western Cape provinces in South Africa.

The success of this initiative will be measured by the extent to which the students begin to view themselves as agents of change and begin to visualize their own future employment and -entrepreneurial possibilities.

14h00 - Welcome

14h15 - Too Long Road to Employment When Jobs Disappear

14h30 - Critical Wisdom Assets

15h00 - The Media-Lear-Earn-Transform Project Proposal

15h15 - Dialogue plus Q&A