Free South Africa A journey to independence and democracy

Hello, I am Nelson Mandela and I hope to create an independent and democratic South African nation by breaking away from European rule. After my school years of higher level British education, I began to study law at the University of Witwatersrand. I escaped my arranged marriage by running away to Johannesburg, where I became aware of the racial discrimination in South Africa under the white minority rule and their Apartheid Laws.
Under the apartheid laws there is legal segregation between whites and nonwhites politically, socially and economically. Nonwhites were forced to live separate lives in designated areas with little to no rights, education and access to public places.

Click the video below to learn more about apartheid

To resist apartheid I, along with a few other leaders joined the African National Congress (ANC). The ANC is an organization which believes in uniting South Africans against the minority rule to create a democratic nation with equality for all South Africans through peaceful protests.

Resistance from the nonwhite majority has caused negative and violent responses from government forces.

Photo by Sam Nzima of a student carrying Hector Peiterson, one of the first casualties of the Soweto Uprising

These casualties and acts of violence by the government forces are all the more reason to strive for an Independent South Africa! Click the button below to join the resistance and stay up to date with the boycotts and protests.

With unsuccessful attempts to peacefully gain Independence we turn to violence when all else has failed. In 1961 I became co-founder and the first leader of the Umkhonto we Sizwe also known as MK. Umkhonto we Sizwe means "the Spear of the Nation", this branch of the ANC consists of an armed force dedicated to gaining independence in South Africa through more forceful methods.

I spent 27 years in prison for conspiracy and sabotage along with the other leaders of the ANC. Though I was in prison the anti-apartheid movement continued to grow as nonwhites kept resisting apartheid and minority rule. I was released from imprisonment on February 11, 1990. With this freedom I continue to lead the ANC and other organizations to encourage the end of apartheid and establishment of a multiracial government.

I am thrilled to announce that the first multiracial parliamentary election will be held on April 26, 1993

The people of South Africa voted and as a result I am honored to have been elected the First Black President of South Africa, governing with the African National Congress. As president I intend to improve the lives and human rights of black South Africans and create justice in place the former laws that caused discrimination and segregation. In this struggle for independence we, the black South Africans have succeeded.


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