Cyber bullying Can you define it?

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is a form of abuse which is set on the internet. This can happen on games, email or on social medias.

Cyber bullying can include rude messages, offensive posts and more. Read on to find out the 6 different types of cyber bullying

Types of cyber bullying

  1. Harassment: malicious messages which are usually quite offensive.

2.Cyber stalking: threats and rude messages that can lead to violence.

3.Flaming: an online argument - including harsh language and inappropriate pictures.

4.Exclusion: the act of leaving someone out of an online group where people can purposely leaving negative messages.

5.Outing Information: when a bully coaxes a certain person to give their personal info.

6.Masquerading: when a person goes undercover as a different person and tricks a certain victim.

Here are some facts about cyber bullying:

  • It is rife on the internet
  • 56% of people have experienced or seen bullying
  • 42% have felt unsafe on the internet
  • Negative posts go viral very fast


Bullying needs to stop. Every child in three are or have been victims of bullying and that's not good news. Here's some advice if you are being bullied online.

  • NEVER get used to it
  • Don't retaliate- don't reply
  • Tell someone you trust
  • You can always delete, block or report
  • Immediately leave the website


By Nuo nuo Year 5

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