Use Emotion In Your Online Marketing Use emotion to hook and build trust with your online visitors.

Online Marketing has many elements. Before you begin, understand the basic goal...

Turn your prospects into customers.

Get visitors to your website...

And get them to stay on your website...

So you can build trust...

So they do what you want them to do...

Sign-up. Download. Call. Book An Appointment. Schedule A Demo. Buy!

Get Visitors To Your Website

Get visitors to your website.

People are searching. They're looking for...
  • How do I...
  • What is...
  • Who is...
  • Where is...
  • Specific company or person name...
  • Specific product or service name...

Is your business showing up on the first page of their search results?

Website visitors decide to stay or go in 10 SECONDS

When a visitor arrives on your website, you have only SECONDS to hook them.

When someone arrives on your website they're looking for answers:

Am I in the right place? >>>>> You have 10 SECONDS* to help them decide and them the value you provide.

Did I get what I needed? >>>>> You have another 20 SECONDS to help them find the answers they're looking for.

Do I trust this site? >>>>> You have 30 SECONDS to connect with your visitors.

* Learn more at https://www.nngroup.com/articles/how-long-do-users-stay-on-web-pages/

Tools To Hook Your Visitors

▷ Words ▷ Headlines

▷ Fonts ▷ Colors

▷ Design ▷ Images ▷ Graphics

▷ Videos


Build trust.

Build trust through your content.

  • Engaging headlines
  • Short paragraphs
  • Stories that lead them down the webpage
  • Useful, helpful info
  • Entertainment
  • Social proof

Build trust through your call-to-action and website structure.

  • Show visitors what to do next
  • Give them a reason to click
  • Give them VALUE in return for their sign-up
  • Show them the next place to go to learn more

Build trust with share-worthy content and links to social media.

Help your prospect look smart and "in-the-know" by sharing your useful, helpful, entertaining content.

Tools To Build Trust

▷ Useful & Helpful Content

▷ Words ▷ Tone

▷ Tips ▷ Guides ▷ eBooks etc.

▷ Images ▷ Graphics ▷ Videos

▷ Clear Navigation ▷ Funnel

▷ Social Sharing


Use EMOTION in your online marketing.

Hook your visitors with emotional headlines and statements about the emotional value of your business.
Build trust with your prospects using emotion evoking content.
Emotions evoke action

Positive Emotions

  • Aspirations
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Altruism
  • Potential
  • Belonging
  • Pride

Negative Emotions

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Shame
  • Envy
  • Anger
  • Sadness
Now that you understand a few of the basics of online marketing, you're ready to learn the building blocks of your marketing strategy. Begin with defining your value.
Your marketing strategy begins by defining your value.

Define Your Value

Your marketing strategy is the foundation of everything you do to market your company. The Xight Solutions marketing strategy program has three components: define your value, turn prospects into customers, and consistency.

Learn how to define your company value — from your target customer’s point-of-view. You’ll learn how to do online research on competitors. How to define your target customers. How to differentiate from your competitors. And how to create your value proposition (that hook that keeps visitors on your website).

Learn how to use emotion to build trust online — and turn your visitors into valuable customers!

For more information visit our website: www.xightsolutions.com.

Created By
Sandy Pretzlaff


Stats: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/how-long-do-users-stay-on-web-pages/ Photos: https://www.pixabay.com

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