Double Victory by giselle jimenez

Mexican Americans & Native Americans


  • Both communities had their unique way of being themselves that no one else did/developed. Mexican Americans wore Zoot suits which was an extravagant style that included black suits with trousers tapered at the ankle. Native Americans had their own form of communication for signals that people could not figure out.
  • Women participated in mens works such as mechanics, farmers , lumberjacks and other heavy duty jobs and no one hesitated to tell them no. It was okay because at this point the man had to join the army to fight at war so there was no other choice. Some were even able to be in the war as well!
  • Men from both communities were being drafted into war, however, some were even voluntarily joining because they wanted to! Sometimes those who wanted to join were upset because they were denied and unable to join for many reasons, some being because they were overweight or other health issues.
  • After serving in the war, their "American Dream" came to a start. They got better living opportunities, and their community populations increased rapidly.


  • Native Americans had some value in the military service participation. They were constantly being recognized by white military men. In return they were given good things such as being provided health care to them and their families, higher standard living, and job opportunities.
  • Both communities are different because they come from different heritages and beliefs, and different ancestors.
  • Mexican Americans knew more English than Native Americans which was an advantage. Native Americans only had their codes as communication.
"We are one! We are whole! We are unique!"
  • How were the treated?
  • Mexicans Americans experienced acute labor shortages. They had little access to healthcare, recreation, translators or legal aid meanwhile participating in the war.
  • How did the Native American community respond to such treatment?
  • In return to such treatment Philadelphia Regional Committee of Mexican War workers was formed by Philadelphia's international institute, to support the difficulties they face in labor, including women.
  • Did the community contribute anything to the cause of the WWII?
  • Although they weren't so favored by everyone, that didn't mean they were any cause to the start of World War 2. They were first approached, even though they were at their own peace.


In my opinion I think Mexican Americans weren't treated respectfully according to their contributions to war. Comparing them to the Native American community, they deserved better treatment based on their participation towards the war. I give respect to them for continuing what they had to do despite what occurred because they wanted to protect their families.

"Best soldiers in this war!"
  • How were the Native Americans treated?
  • Native Americans were constantly being honored with awards and other good things. They were favored by other soldiers of different races, unlike Mexican Americans. They were seen as a prize for their skills and codes.
  • How did the community respond to such treatment?
  • Since they realized their good position in the war, they continued to volunteer in the war, and the hope others had in them, caused them to believe in themselves and to fight harder. That way their great treatment remained just as is.
  • Did the Native American community contribute anything to the cause of WWII?
  • They didn't have any contribution to the cause of the start of the war, the only contribution that came from them was themselves.


However I have questions in response, why was it so easy for them? They got so many things handed to them, all they had to do was fight in war which isn't so fair. Native Americans did have an advance because of their cultural skills, codes, however, I don't understand the respect they received. There are no signs in which they got mistreated or experienced unfairness, which confuses me.

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