Kremlin propaganda methods Military special propaganda works even more efficiently against its population, rather than against enemy soldiers.

I studied at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. We had Military Arts Division there. In strict secrecy we were taught military special propaganda – the art to sow discord within the ranks of the enemy by using disinformation and mind control.

I would say that this is a terrible thing. All jokes aside.

Military or “black” propaganda allows for any misrepresentation of actual facts in order to solve the propaganda problems. This is quality weapon used for the sole purpose – beat out brains of the enemy.


You also know all of these methods and techniques. You just do not realize this. As it was expected from you.

We were taught to use military special propaganda techniques against the enemy army soldiers. Currently they are used against the peaceful population of our own country. For over two years, while reading the Russian newspapers or watching TV-shows, I curiously note that persons, responsible for the coordination of stovepiping and interpretation of news, were definitely taught using the same book and their teachers were the same cheerful colonel or his colleagues.

For example, this is “rotten herring” method. If works in such a way. False accusation is chosen. What is important – it has to be as dirty and scandalous as it is possible. Petty theft, defilement of children or, for instance, murder, preferably on the ground of greed are pretty good in it.

The purpose of “rotten herring” is not to prove the accusation, but to give rise to extensive, public discourse of its… UNfairness and IRrationality.

Human psyche is so constructed that, as soon as the accusation is the question under public discussion, its “supporters” and “detractors” inevitably emerge, rabid “accusers” and fervent “defenders” of the accused.

But regardless of their views, all the disputants over and over again pronounce the name of the accused in conjunction with dirty scandalous accusation, therefore rubbing a growing number of “rotten herring” in his “clothes”, till the moment when finally such “smell” starts following him everywhere. And the question” murdered-stole-seduced or not after all” plays the center stage at the mention of his name.

Or, for example, “40 by 60” method, invented by Goebbels long ago. It centers around creation of media, that provides 60 percent of its information for the benefit the enemy. But then, having gained his confidence in such a way, the remaining 40 percent are used for the extremely efficient, owing to such confidence, misinformation. There was radio station over the period of the Second World War and anti-fascist world listened to it. There was a belief that it was British. And only after the war it has been found that in fact it was the radio station of Goebbels, working according to the “40 by 60” principle, developed by him.

"Big lie" method is extremely effective. It is a bit similar to “rotten herring”, but it actually works in another way. It is about offering to audience with the maximum confidence level of such a global and terrible lie, that it is practically impossible to believe that someone may lie about this.

"The bigger the lie, the more likely they will believe it" is attributed to the Hitler's Germany Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. In fact, it is paraphrased quote from the book "Mein Kampf" (Vol. 1, Chap. 10) of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945): "The broad mass of a nation...will more easily fall victim to a big lie (einer grossen Luge) than to a small one”. This is from where the English expression “Big Lie” originates.

The trick here is that properly configured and well-fictitious “big lie” generates the deep emotional trauma of the listener or viewer, which then determines for long his/her views contrary to any arguments of logic and sense. False descriptions of severe abuses of children or women are particularly good in this.

Let us assume that the news about the crucified child will determine the views of the person receiving such information due to the deep emotional trauma, brought by such news. And you will hardly ever succeed in over-persuading such person with the use of logical arguments.

But what our cheerful colonel particularly preferred is the “absolute evidence” method that gives though not fast, but dependable result.

Instead of proving something, you provide that, what you want your audience to be convinced in, as something obvious, normal state of things and therefore certainly supported by the predominant majority of the population.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this method is extremely effective, because the human psyche automatically responds to the majority opinion, seeking to join it.

It is only important to bear in mind that the majority shall be predominant, and its support is absolute and unconditional — otherwise there will be no bandwagon effect.

However, if such conditions are met, the number of adherents to the “majority position” will start gradually, but surely enlarge, and through the lapse of time, it will enlarge exponentially — mostly owing to the representatives of low social classes, who are most prone to “bandwagon effect”. One of the classic ways of “absolute evidence” method support is, for example, publication of the results of various kinds of opinion polls showing the total social unity on a particular issue. Without a doubt, “black” propaganda methods do not require that such reports have at least some attitude toward reality.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Also, more concise version of the phrase is known – “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth.”

I may go on. As a matter of fact we were taught all the year, and the list of methods is quite large. However, that's not the issue. “Black” propaganda methods affect the audience at the level of deep psychological mechanisms in such a way that it is impossible to eliminate the effect consequences by using usual logical arguments. “Big lie” reaches such effect due to emotional trauma.

Evidence method – through the “bandwagon effect”. “Rotten herring” – by means of implementation to the audience consciousness of direct association between the attack object and dirty, scandalous accusation.

In other words, military special propaganda turns a person into a zombie that not only strongly supports the prescriptions implemented in his/her consciousness, but also aggressively opposes to those, who upholds the other view or tries to over-persuade him/her, using logical arguments.

As a matter of fact, there may not be another option. All methods of military special propaganda have a shared objective – to weaken the enemy army by introducing of internal discord, mutual hate and mistrust to each other within its ranks.

Video title: Putin: "Goebbels was a talented person, he pursued his goals..."

Currently these methods are used against us. And the result, to which they lead, is very the same, to the achievement of which they were created. However, mutual hate and internal discord emerge not within the enemy army, but within our homes and families.

Just go outside and look how the country has changed over the past three years. It seems to me that military special propaganda works even more efficiently against its population, rather than against enemy soldiers.

Probably because, unlike the enemy soldiers, peaceful population is unable to protect themselves.


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