The Mainsail Issue 1 2021 | Term 1


It has been an action-packed first term for the Orange Army. While the snap COVID lockdown delayed the start of term, it didn’t slow us down. Planned activities, excursions and carnivals were quickly rescheduled, students were brought up to speed on their studies and the co-curricular clubs got underway without delay. It was onwards and upwards at St James’.

This final week of term alone we have three-year groups away on camps, experiencing the challenges, excitement, and independence of life away from home. The students have been undertaking activities such as canoeing (Year 4s), bike riding (Year 6s) and abseiling (Year 9s) as they push themselves beyond their usual boundaries and smash their comfort zones.

We also celebrated great success in the pool this term, with the wins of our Interschool swimming teams. I again congratulate the Senior School Squad for taking out their division’s ACC championship trophy and our Junior swimmers being announced champions at the NIPSSA Carnival.

Our actors, singers and dancers are ‘training’ just as hard, as they rehearse after school, on the weekends and across the up-coming holidays for the school musical, The Little Mermaid Jr. Save the date for their two performances (1pm and 7pm) on Saturday 8 May. Tickets will be available soon.

The School continues to move from strength to strength as we grow in student numbers, opportunities and facilities. The Stage 4 Building Program is well underway and once complete will support the School masterplan, with a focus on a holistic campus designed to support our students’ academic, co-curricular and recreational development in an interactive, sustainable, and welcoming environment.

As our students start their Easter holidays, I wish them an enjoyable and restful break. I hope they take the opportunity to recharge, reflect on their school year to date and have a little digital downtime.

I also wish you a blessed Easter, a safe break and some wonderful family time.

Best wishes,

Adrian Pree | Principal


Have you ever noticed how most people seen to have a ready smile and cheerful greeting at Easter? I often wonder if it has anything to do with all the chocolate they are preparing to eat. Easter, like most major Christian festivals, has been taken over by commercial companies, getting in on the joy and happiness that these times bring and want to get in on the act for profit. The thing is, for those of us with a Christian faith, it is not an act. It really is a time of joy and celebration.

Our Year 2s getting into the Easter spirit.

Which is why we do not and should not get upset when we see how people are reacting.

Having travelled through Lent, a time of waiting, fasting and preparation. We have the joy and yet the misery of Good Friday. A time of hurt and loss at the death of a loved one. One who truly loves each and every one of us. To that glorious Easter morning when Jesus is risen from the dead, bringing an end to the fear and hopelessness of death.

As you celebrate this wonderful Christian festival, whether it is simply a time of rest, a time with family or just a time to do nothing. Know that the love of God, in and through Jesus Christ, is given to all of us. Simply because He loves us no matter what we may think and do. That is why He died and rose again.


John Taylor | School Chaplain

From the Head of Junior School

‘Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves’. - Stephen Moss

Over the last six years, while the School has grown, we have been delighted to watch our students grow. The current Year 5’s are our Foundation Kindy class and it has been fascinating to watch them develop into some of the bigger kids in Junior School.

Together we have seen our school buildings grow, from the one main building (the ELC) and a demountable office (which is now the very popular Canteen), to an extensive School campus able to cater for students from Kindy to Year 12. The Trade Centre and Gymnasium being some of the newest engaging facilities.

The grounds have also grown, The Grounds and Maintenance team have done a fantastic job in developing and maintaining the outdoor spaces we all enjoy.

In 2019 the Junior School undertook our first steps towards creating an outside classroom, on the land just beyond the soccer pitch and nature-play playground. It was barren land in need of developing. Our initial focus was to plant endemic plants, native to the local area, with the aim of rehabilitating the land to encourage back the native Carnaby Cockatoos.

At the heart of this area we have created a ‘yarning circle’. Rather than a place to knit, it is a place for people to gather and share stories. It will soon have a fire pit which will be used for cooking outdoor-style foods, such as damper. There will also be a bike track running through the area and, in time, we will invite the students to bring their bikes to school so that they can ride during lunch time.

Late last year St James’ secured a $5000 grant from Landcare / Lendlease. This money will go towards the greenhouse, a fire pit, garden tools and more plants. The Year 2’s have already excitedly decided to sow seeds of native plants, which they will grow in the greenhouse until they are ready to plant outside.

In 2021 our Year 4 and 5 students will be maintaining the vegetable garden, with guidance from their teachers and parent volunteers, and hopefully they will harvest some good crops.

If anyone would like to get involved in any of these projects or to donate items that could be used, such as tree trunks, seeds, trees or time helping to plant/maintain plants, we would be pleased to have you on board. Please send me an email at dmornement@stjames.wa.edu.au.

Mr Dan Mornement | Head of Junior School

From the Head of Senior School

St James’ Anglican School always has an eye on the end game when we develop and implement our plans. We ‘start as we hope to finish’.

This has certainly been the case when it comes to Year 12. Ensuring that our first group of Year 12 students have had the physical resources, the staffing expertise and the support services required to be successful, started many years ago.

We have reviewed and refined each year, until here we are, offering our first graduating class 30 course options, providing opportunities for them to study VET, General and ATAR pathways, in modern and engaging workspaces.

However, the journey towards Year 12 starts many years earlier with the fundamental learning, inquiry and organisational skills that are developed through a lot of hard work, perseverance, and trial and error. Successful students attend Clubs, engage with their teachers and peers beyond the classroom and contribute to events and activities which broaden their experiences.

Our role as educators is to provide excellent opportunities, to nurture the talents of our students, to support their individual learning needs and to provide guidance both academically and pastorally. To inspire them to achieve and strive for excellence. To develop into outstanding young men and women who contribute positively to their community, reflect the values of St James’ and who set positive examples for the younger students.

Chris Hall | Head of Senior School

Photo features our Year 12 Chemistry students (spot the orange) on a Chemistry Titrations excursion to Providence Christian College.

PRESIDENT’s UPDATE - The Friends of St James'

The first term of 2021 for the Friends of St James’ has flown by. But what a difference a year makes! This time last year we were all in lockdown trying to figure out how we were going to get through such uncertain times. However, my youngest son Kean had a fabulous time convincing his dad to build him a skateboard ramp, so my patio area became a skate park!

Now in 2021 we can come together as a community. Our inaugural event of this year was our Friends’ of St James’ Sundowner, which we held in the Trade Centre. On behalf of the committee and the families and staff who joined us, I would like to thank the Food Technology team, who themselves are based in the Trade Centre. Mrs Robertson, Mrs Wakefield and their Year 11 Hospitality students made the best nibblies for us to enjoy! We were also impressed by their coffee skills.

So impressed, in fact, that we are hosting a coffee morning for our families, to invite you to enjoy the students’ barista coffees and some delicious morning tea. Our St James’ families are invited to join us at the Food Technologies veranda on Wednesday 28 April from 8.30am.

There are more exciting times ahead too, including the Junior School Mother’s Day stall, also on the 28 April. One of our parents, Helen Riley, is an experienced florist and she has guided a group of us in creating some amazing items for our students’ to purchase for their mothers.

We have also invested in a mascot for St James! He is a fox named Frankie and will participate in rallying the students at sports days and on special occasions. Keep an eye out for a surprise visit very soon…

I hope you all have a lovely holiday and I look forward to meeting many more of you, next term.

Sonet Coetzee | President, Friends of St James

The Class of 2021 - Establishing The Traditions of the Future

When St James’ Anglican School was established in 2015, we were always looking forward to the year when our first cohort of Year 12s would walk through the gates. This is the year!

The Class of 2021 are now creating the traditions of the future. Being the foundation Year 12s, they are enjoying many firsts, including electing their School Captains, donning their leavers’ jackets, creating their very own Leavers’ Hub and attending the Year 12 rite of passage, their School Ball.

School Principal, Mr Pree, chose to acknowledge the 12s as the student leaders of the School, and given them an opportunity to step up. He offered them the privilege of leaving the school grounds at lunchtime to visit the local shopping centre, and the students have done us all proud.

Their mature approach has extended to the leadership of the school, as they build connections across the younger years. This term the Year 12s hosted a sausage sizzle lunch for the Year 7s in their Year 12 Leavers Hub. This was aimed at breaking down barriers while creating an inspiring vision of what it means to be a ‘big kid’ at St James.

Adrian Pree, Vin and Tiarna (School Captains) and Lynne Thomson

A key part of the Year 12 program has been a focus on transition to life beyond school. In Term 1 the students have had the opportunity to meet individuality with ASC Chair and educational expert, Mrs Lynne Thomson. Under the tutelage of Mrs Thomson, who has a wealth of experience in facilitating students through their options and pathways, the students have been setting goals and planning for their futures.

Mr Pree said, “The students are very fortunate to have one of the foremost educators in Western Australia share her wisdom with them, at such a crucial time of their decision-making for their career pathways”.

As the year progresses the Year 12 program will continue to evolve with fresh experiences and new milestones for our Class of 2021.

Our Year 12s at the inaugural St James' Year 11 and 12 School Ball.


The start of a child’s school journey is integral to their love of school and appreciation for learning. The transition into Kindy is vital time and, as teachers, we treasure the roles we play in nurturing our little charges.

Kindy is the year of planting the seed and watching it develop from below the surface into something spectacular. Each seed will grow at its own rate and will need different levels of nurturing to become the most unique flower that you have ever seen.

We have six key components at St James which form our ELC philosophy, and guide all that we do each day. When you enter our beautiful Kindy learning environment, you will clearly see what we value. The spaces feel calm, inviting, intriguing and safe.

The number one key aspect that we live by each day is ‘Play is the Way’. Our classrooms reflect a play-based environment created to feel like a home away from home. We aim to use natural materials and encourage a wonder for the world around us. Play is a child’s way of posing questions, making decisions, risk-taking and succeeding. It also encourages making mistakes. This is how the students learn what their boundaries are, what they feel comfortable with and enables them to step of their comfort zone in a supportive environment.

We live by these values so much so that we have them mounted above the doors as you enter each classroom in the ELC. We are extremely proud of the quality of learning in the St James’ ELC, that is purposefully planned to deliver the success, fun and engagement our students achieve on a daily basis.

Edell Robertson | Head of the ELC


St James' Musical 2021


The cast and crew of St James’ Anglican School’s production of The Little Mermaid Jr. have been working hard in rehearsals for months now, to get the show looking incredible for when it opens early next term.

It’s hard to believe that discussions began over 12 months ago to decide what our 2021 musical would be. There were many different visions of what could be produced, but when we discussed the close connection the school has to the ocean, it became a no-brainer that an 'Under the Sea' spectacular would be perfect.

Since Term 4 last year, students have meticulously attended rehearsals every Tuesday after school and all day on Sundays, to learn their lines, songs and choreography, supported over the last month by a hard-working backstage crew who have been working on managing and moving costumes, props and set pieces. We have also been very lucky to have cast members’ parents help to build set pieces, whilst St James’ staff have helped create costumes and to design and paint amazing art pieces, to bring the maritime spectacular to life.

The Little Mermaid Jr. will debut on Saturday 8 May at the Allan Shaw Centre, at Peter Moyes Anglican School. We are excited to announce students will showcase their talents over two performances this year, with a matinee at 1.00pm and an evening show at 7.00pm. The production runs for just over an hour and, as it is on the eve of Mother’s Day, we hope our Mum’s, mother-figures and grandmothers are all treated to a wonderful time at the theatre.

Tickets on sale in the second week of the School Holidays...

Mr David Johnson | Head of Languages

Just one of the amazing props...


Our Year 11 Food Technologies team have been cooking up a storm this term, including being the official caterers for some very special School events. Our Year 11 Hospitality students started the year with a busy event calendar. Cooking up a range of delicious delights for the Friends of St James’ (FOST) Sundowner, in early March and the Year 7 Meet and Greet evening, where they prepared and served a variety of hot and cold canapes for approximately 150 guests.

Our Hospitality students are required to cater for a minimum 12 functions across their two year Certificate, which is on offer for the first time at St James in 2021.

The students have also been honing their barista skills, running the St James’ Café three times as week. If you are yet to stop by for a flat white, long mac or hot chocolate, please do so in Term 2, to help our students gain experience...and because they make a great coffee! The Café is open on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, before school, and Fridays at recess.

We are so delighted with our small hospitality team and hope that you all have a chance to try their Masterchef worthy culinary creations at a school event soon.

Maryanne Wakefield | Food Technologies

Art in creation.


The Year 10s have started the School year with enthusiasm and creativity!

The students are studying Contemporary Impressionism and have been using the medium of oil paints to artistically represent the topic ‘Farm Animals’.

The concept is to develop their skills and techniques in both prepping the medium and exploring the many application styles that oils allow.

During the term students transferred their chosen animal head onto canvas with a graphite sketch and started to apply a realistic colour palette. The final stages of the artwork would be to incorporate two contemporary colours allowing for a sense of humour and modern expressionism.

Anna Fletcher | Head of Art

It All Adds Up in Summer School

The National Mathematics Summer School is an invaluable opportunity for the development of our top students. A great deal of effort is made to provide a rich and entertaining two weeks of Mathematics for the few dozen who are selected from throughout Australia.

Luckily for him, Reilly Evans (Year 12) was one of only seven participants selected from WA to attend the residential camp at the ANU in Canberra. The COVID restrictions unfortunately meant he was unable to travel interstate but our local Maths association, MAWA, held their own summer school.

The main activity of NMSS is an in-depth study of three or four different areas of mathematics. Each is very challenging and will extend every student. On the other hand, the program is non-competitive and very much hands-on. The emphasis is on doing mathematics, not just on listening to someone else talking about it. Students work with mathematicians in a number of branches of mathematics at, a relatively advanced level. They attend tutorials under the guidance of a range of staff – postgraduate students, mathematics teachers and academic mathematicians.

By the end of the two weeks, Reilly was amazed at how much he had accomplished and found that summer school had succeeded in extending his already vast intellectual horizons. Reilly returned to school with a considerably enhanced view of his own potential. He would highly recommend the camp to anyone who is entering Year 12 and has a love of Mathematics.

If you would like to know more, please email me: jgeorge@stjames.wa.edu.au

Jennifer George | Head of Mathematics


This term our Year 7 HASS students are studying ‘Water in the World’ and as part of their program, they had the opportunity to participate in the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Experience.

The activity allowed the students to question the sustainability of water and the need to work together to preserve and protect our planet. The students listened to different narratives on their headphones while visiting different ‘tent worlds’.

The incursion was very engaging and certainly reinforced the students' understanding of the need to use this vital natural resource with consideration.

Many thanks to the Year 7 HASS teachers who helped run the day Miss Syme, Miss Killow and Miss Claire.

Alan McLatchie | Head of Humanities


How to set up Your Computer at Home

It is very important that, with so many desk-based activities (such as homework (Ugh!), that your computer or iPad is set up to support your back, neck and shoulder muscles. Sitting at a computer or iPad that is not set up for your body can lead to headaches, sore shoulders and neck strain. THANKFULLY, there are a few simple things that you can do to help make doing homework (or working from home) more comfortable – without the expense of specialised equipment!

  • Ensure that your laptop or iPad is DIRECTLY in front of you (no body twisting or leaning to one side). As a guide, the ‘g’ and ‘h’ keys should line up with your bellybutton.
  • Sit straight in your chair with your feet flat on the floor or a footrest (shoebox/rolled up yoga mat etc).
  • Ensure that your elbows sit directly under your shoulders.
  • For the mathematicians out there, 90 Degrees is the key. Your elbows, hips, knees and ankles should all be at 90 degrees. Remember: If it isn’t a right angle, it’s a wrong angle!
  • If you have a chair that has lumbar support, raise the lumbar support up higher. Chances are excellent it is too low and pushing you forward in your seat rather than supporting your lower back.
  • Given that the screen of the laptop or iPad will be too close for your visual acuity, make sure that you look up every now and again to look at a point at the back of the room to give your eyes a rest.
  • Every hour stop your work and stretch out your shoulders and neck. Walk around and move your body.

If anyone would like some exercises to stretch their neck, back or shoulders, please email me at: khayes@stjames.wa.edu.au.

Kelsey Hayes | Occupational Therapist

Have a safe


Happy Easter

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