The Death Penalty, Nearing It's End By: The Editorial Board

"Although the death penalty is still considered constitutional by the Supreme Court, Americans’ appetite for this barbaric practice diminishes with each passing year." By: The Editorial Board

The lead used by The Editorial Board is a summary

Capital Punishment has existed for decades, and as we strive into the future more and more people are starting to question, Should We Still Have The Death Penalty? The lead you just read is a creative type lead.

Who and What


People that are affected by capital punishment or end up dying to it are people that have committed horrendous crimes that must be punished with death. The other people who may face capital punishment are people that have a bad public defender (lawyer). Another possibility is that they have an overzealous prosecutor that has put them with this charge. The last possibility is that the person deals with a racial bias and therefore is confronted with the punishment of death.


Capital punishment or the death penalty is being executed for a crime you have committed. Also, the opinions the Editorial Board on capital punishment is that the death penalty is unconstitutional and should be abolished in this country and the world. The Editorial Board thinks that people end up being executed even though they are innocent or the crime they committed isn't as drastic to deserve a punishment such as death.

Why and When


This issue is an issue that requires attention because it is still a problem for many innocent people. Also more and more people have stopped believing in the death penalty every year yet it still exists. Innocent people still die every die partially because of the death penalty. People who haven't committed a crime or haven't committed a crime as severe that deserves death die to death penalty. Also many people believe that execution as a punishment for a crime is unconstitutional and therefore shouldn't be allowed by any courts as a punishment.


This is a problem that has existed for decades since long before the United States have existed. This has been an issue the human race has dealt and still needs to deal with and put to an end.

Where and how


Capital punishment exists in 31 states of America possibly 30 soon. Capital punishment also exists in countries all over the world. The place that may abolish the death penalty soon is California. California has 740 inmates on death row.


The way to end capital punishment for good is for The Supreme Court to decide that capital punishment is unconstitutional. California is taking a vote whether to abolish the death penalty or not.

"The death penalty has escaped abolition before, but there are no longer any excuses: The nation has evolved past it, and it is long past time for the court to send this morally abhorrent practice to its oblivion"

Death penalty is a part of our past we will not enjoy looking behind on. If we are able to end it now, we will have less to feel bad about doing. Our future will be brighter without capital punishment.


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