Level 5 Leadership Good to great: Chapter 2

Sell the Mills

Mild-mannered with a ferocious resolve

Darwin Smith

The Research

Attempted to downplay role of executives

5 levels of executive capabilities identified

All good-to-great companies had Level 5 CEO's

The Paradox

Extreme personal humility

Intense professional will

Example: Abraham Lincoln

The CEO's

Compelling modesty, not charisma

Ambitious for the company, not themselves

Set successors up for success

Driven to produce results

10/11 came from inside the company

The Comparison CEO's

Absence of Level 5 leadership

Often outsiders

Over 2/3rds had a gargantuan personal ego

The Window & the Mirror

Level 5: Look out to give credit; Look in to take blame

Level 4: Look in to take credit; Look out to give blame

The Dilemma

Ambitious people seek power: Scarcity of humble leaders

Can you learn to become a Level 5 leader?

Collins believes most people can

How? Perhaps by doing what they do

Thank You


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