Amy Lowell By Kristionah lippard

Amy Lowells background:

Amy Lowells was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Shes the daughter of Agustus Lowell and Katherine Lawrence. Both sides of the family were New England aristocrats. They were very wealthy. She was first educated at the family home called "sevenls" named by her father as a reference to the seven Lowells living there in the household. Her first poem she ever wrote was called "Chicago" written at the age of nine. She traveled with her family a lot. They had a lot of money so they were able to go places. They went to Europe, New Mexico, and California. She took a journal with her on the vacations to write details and facts about their experiences. She then took that information and used it in her poems. Her mother died in 1895 and she took a big hit on that. She was depressed for a long time. She then overcame the depression and was the first one out of her family to make a public speech. Because of her speeches she became a member of the executive committee of the Brookline education society. She officially became a poet in 1902. She died on may 12th 1925. She died from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 51.


  • -One of her famous quotes is "art is the desire of a man to express himself to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in"
  • -She smoker cigars constantly and made newspaper aritcels and people did not like her for that and they slowly started losing interests in her for that
  • -In many of her poems she dispenses with line breaks so that the work looks like prose on the page
  • -She died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 51.
  • -She was a very big book collector of poetry books and literature ones as well


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