Equity Scapbook Victoria Moon

Table of Contents

  1. Sexism - Music Video
  2. Homophobia - Outdoor Advertisement
  3. Heterosexism - Ad Campaign
  4. Report - Homophobia

Sexism: Blurred Lines Music Video Objecting Women?

The music video, as well as the general song lyrics for blurred lines is incredibly demeaning to women. The song in general has this focus on convincing a "good girl" that she need to be "liberated" with this intense sexual nature. Including the constant repeating of phrases that closely resemble rape culture, such as "I know you want it". The song also features lyrics relating women to animals that need to be dominated such as "now he was close.Tried to domesticate you. But you're an animal. Baby, it's in your nature. Just let me liberate you." and "I'll give you something big enough to tear your a** in two." Creating the idea that women are unable to be independent, need to be dominated by males, and ultimately less powerful. The music video also revolves around three half naked women parading around and submitting to these men. An image that can not only make women feel like their body are objects, but also that the are going to be below a man. Not only do the lyrics to the song come along with a strong rape like connotation, but the music video highlights this by objectifying the women within it.

Homophobia: "Real" Men Aren't Allowed to Enjoy the Arts?

This advertisement not only sets a stereotype for "real men" to face, but also puts a negative light on other men that may not enjoy basketball. This creates the idea that attending a Broadway show means you are not a real man, also perceived though this ad as being gay. This ad outlines that you cannot be a real man and be gay, because a "real men" are tough, enjoy sports, and are most importantly straight. It is advertisements like this that reinforce stereotypes for what a gay man and what a straight man must enjoy. This ad clearly does this by implying that men on Broadway or whom enjoy Broadway are gay. By this ad suggesting that the arts are more feminine, it creates this overcasting shadow that "real" straight men cannot enjoy them. This not only impacts members as they feel they have to mold to what society seems oft for them, but also impacts straight men as they not too have set expectations. Emphasizing the stereotype that all gay men must be feminine.

Heterosexism: Condom Advertisements Designed Only for Straight Relationships?

The advertisements that Durex puts out for their condoms only outline straight relationships between a man and a women. However, condoms are not only used by straight relationships. Yes, one of the purposes of a condom is to prevent pregnancy, which can only occur between a man and a women. But, condoms are also used to prevent sexual transmitted infections and diseases, which can occur in any relationship. By only creating advertisements targeted towards straight relationships it reinforces the idea that LGBQT sexual relationships are still taboo in society. This in turn impacts any members of the LGBQT community be influencing them to feel like their relationships are taboo and unaccepted as well. It is advertisements like this that support the heterosexual belief that society often has due to their target towards only straight couples.

The Current State of Homophobia in Society

Homophobia can be defined as the dislike, disapproval, or hatred of homosexuals, leading to prejudice and discrimination. Homophobia creates a divide among those who are homosexual and those who are straight. And it can often lead to homosexuals feeling ashamed, lost, depressed, and lonely. Feelings that nobody should have to go through or conquer. Homophobia can also influence people who identify as straight, as they may feel the need to treat homosexuals a certain way based upon their sex, and to fit into the societal norm. Same sex relationships, although becoming more accepted, still seem taboo in society, and are often spoke about less. This is due to the fact that the first thought many people have when they think of same sex couples has to do with sex, other than the many other aspects that make up a relationship. As covered in class, relationship and attraction are based on much more then just sex, including personality, honesty and trust. I feel that the current state of homophobia in society is improving, but it currently not the best. I feel a strong part of this has to do with the generation gap and the way our parents were raised. As during the time in which they were raised, same sex couples were looked down upon. Whereas now, my generation has a more accepting view on the topic, and as we grow older and have children that may influence the way society looks upon it. Society becoming more accepting of the idea of homosexuality and same sex couple can be seen as improving for major events in history such as same sex marriage becoming legal in the United States, and the constant rising number of homosexuals and same sex couples in the media. But it can also be seen as not improving based upon the prejudice that homosexuals still face on a daily bases. Overall, I feel the current state of homophobia in society in beginning to improve, however there is still a very long way to go.


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