Art By Mail Postcard Exchange Lamont Gallery winter 2020/2021

We all need a little creation, connection and art these days. We designed the Lamont Gallery’s first ever Art by Mail postcard exchange to spread and receive some joy during the 2020/2021 winter season. As you can see, a number of talented artists and postcard-lovers joined in the fun; we received postcards from 4-year-olds and retirees, creations from local artists and current students and some pretty wonderful postcards from people who said “I’m not an artist.” Some traveled from as far as New Mexico and others came to us from people living in our own campus community.

Every person who created and mailed a postcard to us received a handmade postcard in return. We hope that this event provided our participants with some creativity and joy this winter. The act of creating something by hand for someone else – even if you do not know that person – can be pretty meaningful. Perhaps this collection of Art by Mail will inspire you to create something for someone – or for yourself.

Daisy Adams-Ellard @daisy_adams_artist
Denise Ankarberg
Deborah Barlow (front & back of postcard) @deborahbarlow / www.deborahbarlow.com
Becky Barsi (front & back of postcard) @artsybarsi
Kate Bashline
Jennifer Benn www.electriccanvas.com
Resa Blatman wwwresablatman.com
Lauren Caldwell
Carla Collins @c_v_b_c
Nico Colon
Sharon DeColfmacker
Lawrence Elbroch @lawrenceelbrochwww.elbroch.com
Judith Gobbi (front & back of postcard)
Robert Herbert
Stephanie Hansen & Kristina Hunter
Sarah Johnson
Jane Kaufman www.janekaufman.com
Janet King
Ellen Kingsbury
Olivia Knauss (front & back of postcard)
Erica Lazure @ericaplouffelazure
Louise Lewis
Kara Lynch
Ina Mason
Erin McCann
Andrea Nystedt
Kris Pastoriza
Elise Robbins
Sheila Roberge (front & back of postcard)
Rhoda Rosenberg (front & back of postcard) www.rhodarosenberg.com
Ann Saunderson
Jodi Scaltreto
Gail Scanlon
Dustin Schuetz
Michael Stasiuk www.michaelstasiuk.com
Nadene Stillings @expressive_wellness
Lynn Szymanski (front & back of postcard) @lmszymanski
Abigail Wheeler
George Wingate
Richard Zita

The following postcards were made by students at the Harris Family Children’s Center. All artists are between 4 and 5 years old and we were so excited to have them join our postcard exchange.

Top: Aubree. Middle Left to Right: Giselle and Ada. Bottom Left to Right: Ella and Alina
Top Left to Right: Alex, Becket and Leah. Bottom Left to Right: Olivia and Myles
Top Left to Right: Maxwell, Paige, Sherry. Bottom Left to Right: Sofia and Tucker
Ms. Linda and William