Biking, Marvellously, eXtreme by: Liam Smith

Liam zooms down the steep ramp pedaling as fast as he can. He saures through the air. Flipping backwards. He lands smoothly and comes to a stop. read on to find out about Bmx biking.


do you see pegs

Do you know how to do tricks on a bmx bike? If you don’t than read this chapter, it will be fun. First to do the endo and the hop you need to go really, really fast. Do a sharp turn hit a bump and STOP, when you are going really fast with both brakes. Your wheel will go up you will stay there for 2-3 seconds. It’s a backward wheelie! You need to try it! It’s so cool.

Can you see his helmet,elbow pads and knee pads?


To protect yourself you need a helmet for your head, you also need knee pads and elbow pads because if you fall than you are likely to fall on your knees and elbows. You need a bike with good brakes if you don’t, than if you try to stop than the bike will not stop. Do you know what pegs are, if you don’t than read on. Pegs are these little poles sticking out of the fork. You also need gears for your bike so you can change settings so you can ride uphill and down.

Now do you want to try Bmx biking?


Created with images by Benson Hilgemann Photography - "My Bike" • MK1_FIESTA - "bmx jump bike" • LadyArty - "bike stunt air"

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