A trip to the Harn Museum KLEADA NOVAK


The minute I entered the museum I was overwhelmed from the variety of paintings and art work. The fact that I got to go around the museum to appreciate the art work was a new learning experience for me because I learned how to appreciate the work of the artist in a new perspective. Going through the four aspects of the assignment ( the medium, design of the museum, art and their values and the relation to the good life) made me realize the purpose of these beautiful art pieces. I have been to the museum prior the assignment and I have loved it every time I have been there.


From all the types of art work at the Harn I liked the American Art Glasses because of the exuberant and verity of the colors of the material of the glass. I think this technique of the artist is unique compared to the other mediums. I think glass is hard to work with an the fact that the artist used this method to portray his artistic talent is very impressive in my opinion. At the Harn there is a verity of glass work on display. The glass or porcelain is meticulous and very detailed which adds to its beauty. In the picture below my favorite glass work is the lamp. The name of the lamp is the Eighteen-Light Pond Lily Lamp by Louis Comfort Tiffany who according to the history he was inspired by plant species. When I look at this art work I feel calm, relaxed and happy. The three demential glass sculpture is made of a bronze base. In the second picture below with all the glass work on the shelf my favorite is at the top shelf, left to right, the middle bowl which is made of Black and Alabaster glass because in my opinion it looks like a very modern vase that portrays its beauty meticulously.


Mirror MIrror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo Exhibit

Out of the whole museum the exhibit that caught my eye the most was the Frida Kahlo Exhibit. I had studied about her in high school, but never got the experience of seeing her portraits and her work in person. The exhibit caught my attention starting with the entrance where there is a huge portrait of Frida Kahlo. The vibrant, colors of the wall that the portrait is painted on is eye-catching. The part that i like the most about this exhibit is the structure of it. The exhibit is set up in chronological order of Frida's life. This shows her life starting from the beginning till the end of her life and the things that she went through. I love the fact that the museum has provided the public with a documentary of Frida's life to explain who she was. Although I was a little disappointed that I couldn't see any of her paintings, the fact that I got to learn more about her as an individual was very informative. The exhibit was very appealing to me because I always was interested in learning more about Frida Kahlo's life.



This painting represents one of my core values as hardworking. I have been taught ever since I was little to always try my best and work hard to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. Hard work is portrayed in this painting because it is a painting of a road worker and road workers are considered to be people that work very hard to achieve what they want. The road worker works very hard to build the roads for the community. The art work portrays and emphasizes my belief of what the meaning of hard work is.



The artwork "Idyllic Landscape" represents my opinion of the good life. The artist portrays optimism and middle class leisure on his art work. He always enjoyed working with subject of seashore scenes and urban areas. This painting portrays my idea of the good life because I love how the artist has painted the woman sitting down on the bench relaxing and having a great time during her free time. The man on the horse is enjoying his free time during their leisure. The fact that the two people are having a great time because they are enjoying what they do defines the good life for me.


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