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Thank you for your interest in my design services. I've created this information page with the aim to give you an insight into the design process and the services on offer. As each project is different the services detailed below can tailored to suit your requirements.

I have also included some case studies below to help give you an understanding of what you can achieve on your budget.

The Design Process

Initial consultation

Free of charge - (within 1/2 hr travel - small charges may apply for long distance projects)

This is an opportunity for us to walk around your garden and discuss your ideas, the atmosphere you'd like to create and your preferred style. We'll explore how you are likely to use your new garden and what features you'd like to include, as well as your budget and the likely costs involved.

A Design Brief will be drafted and supplied outlining all of the key and desirable elements to your proposed scheme along with the service options and fees for your project. Any feedback will be noted and the brief modified if necessary. On acceptance the design will then be based around our agreed brief.

Site Survey

To create a design we'll need the measurements first. I shall undertake a site survey including the dimensions, topography, service locations and soil condition etc. and translate that into a 3D scale plan of your site.

For particularly challenging sites an external surveyor may be required.


Using online tools such as Pinterest and Houzz we'll explore your style in more detail, making sure that I truly understand the type of garden that you'd like to create.

If you'd like to get started then click one of the links below to my Pinboards and Ideabooks. I'll include them again later at the end of the the Information pack too.

Draft Design Concepts

I will prepare two design concepts which will give you a clear vision of your gardens potential. Using the two designs we can develop your and create your perfect garden taking elements from them both.

Using your feedback and further consultation a final design will be drafted using CAD applications. With 3D visualisations you'll gain a clear understanding of the proposed scheme. Together we'll fine tune the design until you're happy for me to create the final draft.

Final Presentation

On completion you will receive a 3D Visualisation with multiple views and angles representing your gardens potential.

Working Drawings

A working document will also be supplied including a specification, scaled and dimensioned plans, technical drawings and elevations and a suggested lighting plan. This enables you to get accurate and like for like quotations from one or more of my trusted landscapers and will give them the tools to construct the garden accurately and as intended.

Any custom designed features or elements will come with their own technical drawing and specification.

Planting Design

As in the early stages of the design process we will compose a design brief for the planting plan including a quote for the planting design. We'll explore planting styles, plant sizes and habits, degree of maintenance, colours and textures to enable us to create the most practical and attractive scheme for your garden.

On acceptance I will compose a to-scale, colour coded planting plan as a guide to which plants will be used in the garden and their exact locations. On completion a quote for the sourcing and supply of the plants from local nurseries, plant placement and implementation will be supplied.

Design Realisation

With a completed design, planting plan and quotes in hand, it's time to get cracking! Once you have chosen the right landscaper for you and the build is underway I continue to work along side the contractor throughout the installation process making regular site visits. I'll be on hand to help make any decisions if the unexpected arise. If there are any minor changes needed I shall be there to assist and offer my advice and ultimately ensure that the design is followed as intended and installed to the highest standards.

Plant Sourcing, Placing & Implementation

Using a selection of local and national nurseries I will source the plants and trees from the best and most cost effective suppliers to ensure you get the highest quality and the most competitive prices. For larger trees and mature specimens I can visit the nurseries and help pick the right plant for the right place

I'll compose a plant schedule, a quote for the supply and the plant placement and instruct the landscaper to supply a quote for the implementation when necessary. Once we have the plants I'll be on site to place the plants and compose the scheme and ensure the plants are installed correctly.

Design Services and Fees

Each of the design services can be tailored to suit you and your project. As each project is different, the fees can vary dependant on the size and topography of the garden, the complexity of the design and any specific requirements you may have.

Structural Design Service

From £800 + for a Small garden

From £1000 + for a Medium garden

From £1200 + for a Large garden


  • Site survey
  • Draft design concept sketches
  • Further consultation and CAD design development
  • Final CAD visualisation presentation board
  • Working document including all technical drawings (everything you need to build your garden)
  • Specification
  • CDM 2015 H&S file

Planting Design

From £150 +

(A quote for the planting plan can only be supplied once we have a structural design and have drafted a brief for the planting scheme)


  • Colour coded, scaled and annotated planting plan
  • Image icons of chosen plants with reference numbers
  • Site survey

Project Implementation Service

From £800 - £1200 +


  • Material selection and sample sourcing
  • Introduction to my trusted contractors
  • Quotation process advice and support
  • Contractor appointment
  • Regular site visits to monitor the installation
  • If the installation is not being delivered to the specification I will offer my advice on how we can approach and improve the situation

Plant Sourcing, Placing & Implementation

£P.O.A - Fees will be dependant on the scale of the project

RHS Silver Gilt winning garden 'Office box'

Case Studies

How much will your garden cost?

On average garden's can generally cost around £200 - £350/sq.m.  Every project is different and budgets can vary dramatically. My commissions in the past have ranged from £15 000 gardens to £100 000 +. Using my experience I can design to your budget, however it is important to understand that certain elements can elevate the overall cost of the installation. Factors such as the complexity of the design, the amount of hard landscaping, maturity of the plants, site access, gradient and material choice can affect the overall cost. During the quotation process we'll be able to tweak certain elements in order to decrease the costs if and when necessary.

Here's some of my previous projects and their installation costs to help give you an insight to how far your budget will go.

Small minimalist garden

A simple garden featuring granite paving, rendered steps, a granite clad bench, a raised pond and feature wall with water blade, a large rendered wall, mood lighting and a large Buddha.

Approximate size = 10.5 x 7.8m (79m sq.)

Installation cost = £16 000 (£200/m sq.)


Small industrial garden

This is a small garden that packs a punch. It features raised rendered planters, a concrete shutter board wall, a reclaimed timber shelter, bench and table, a custom built shed and Asahi screen, custom built fence, granite paving, block planting and extensive lighting and electrics.

Approximate size = 7.3 x 5.8 (+ 7.3 x 2.8) (63m sq.)

Installation cost = £22 000 (£350/m sq.)


Large contemporary city garden

This striking garden makes a statement whilst using modest materials. It includes a Cor ten steel water feature and rill, rendered walls, three limestone patios, aluminium edging, a raised rendered bed, softwood fencing and a softwood pergola with mood lighting.

Approximate size = 15.2 x 21.5 (325m sq.)

Installation cost = £40 000 (£123m sq)


Small courtyard garden

This stunning garden used high end materials and striking features to give it the wow factor. The lower half of the garden required large amounts of excavation. The garden includes cedar walls, custom made benches and table, an outdoor kitchen porcelain paving, a wall hung fire, composite decking and steps and rendered retaining walls with mood lighting.

Approximate size = 9 x 13 - L shaped (85sq. m)

Installation cost = £45 000 (£500/m sq.)


Art Deco Inspired Garden

Norther Design Awards Finalist 2018

A real show stopper with a serene rill and Art deco style custom water feature. The garden features Granite paving, Yellow Balau fencing and custom made sofa, a timber pergola, stainless steel screens and lovely soft, textured planting.

Approximate size = 14 x 10 - L shaped (113 sq. m)

Installation cost = £27 000 (£240/m sq.)


Medium sized contemporary garden

A large percentage of this gorgeous garden is hard landscaping with granite paving, composite decking, rendered raised beds, a stone clad water feature and rill with artificial turf.

Approximate size = 10 x 11.2m (112m sq.)

Installation cost = £30 000 (£268/m sq.)


Medium sized minimalist garden

This garden features high quality products including porcelain paving and composite decking. The build included porcelain-clad raised beds, a stainless steel balustrade, a built-up lawn with retaining walls and low maintenance planting

Approximate size = 15 x 10m (150sq. m)

Installation cost = £26 000 (£173/m sq.)


Let's get started...

If you'd like to have a free initial consultation it would be great to hear from you. Call Rob on 07825 371337 or 01565 621304. Alternatively you can email me at rhgd@live.co.uk.


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