The world through my eyes The past to build the future

My full name is Angela-Marie Camporeale.

I'm almost sixteen.

I have well good life,though I face a lot of challenges in my life.

I used to have family problems and now they're all gone.

I used to be afraid and now I'm fearless.

I used to be sad and now I'm happy.

I used to be weak but now I'm strong.

It is true that I still have the past in my heart and mind forever.

Light at the end of the tunnel !!!


When her headphones are on she's in cave like world

Her own secret little place where no one can find her

When her headphones are on she sees a reflection of a little girl growing up to be a woman

Sacred,alone,afraid little girl to a strong, growing, confident woman

She could not say a word and now says what's on her mind when she's has her headphones on

When she put her headphones on she's in her own sacred place

What she thinks is her own sacred place

When she put her headphones on she feels free and alive

When she put her headphones on she feels like an adult ready to take on the world


When she puts her headphones on.

“The past is strapped to our backs. We do not have to see it; We can feel always feel it”

By: mignon Mclaughlin

I picked this quote because in all my writing i talk about my past in some way. That is what I

seen in all my papers I written talking about my past. I picked this quote because I like what

it means when it says “we can’t see it, but we can always feel it” because my past was

somewhat of fairly new but sometimes it feels like it just happened yesterday. Sometimes

people say to let go of the past but you can always feel it but you can never see it again.I

also picked this quote because when you want to know someone you kinda talk about the

past to know who you are talking with today. To get to know someone and there ideas of

the world in their eyes.

14 to 16 big change on the view of the world.

Write a reflection on the process of making this

multi-genre narrative. How do the pieces capture you and your story? The

pieces capture me and my story because I talk about a very life changing

experience in my life. I talk about a time when life really hit me in the face

and my thoughts and views on life changes dramatically. It captures how

much i grew as person. How do the pieces relate to one another? The pieces

relate to one another because it talks about my past and I talk about how

weak I was to how strong I am now. What did they help you understand

about yourself The pieces of writing that really helped me understand about

myself is that tis writings really helped me get over the past. I'm not so hurt

by it anymore. I learned that I have mature and grew as a person and my

views on the world have changed.I learned that i appreciate my past because

it developed the mindset of very mature woman who is writing this.

Negative past into a positive future!
Created By
Angela-Marie Camporeale


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