Ingeborg vd Heuvel (online) communications TEACHER


At JapanTKY, we are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends and city trips. We also take inspiration from the people who wear our clothes. Ultimately, we design our clothes for them. Therefore, we would like you to meet some of our muses.

Ingeborg van den Heuvel (40), online communications teacher at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem/Nijmegen.

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Ingeborg lives with her partner Harm and their two kids Bjorn and Liz in Huissen. She studied Film, Theatre and Television Sciences at Utrecht University and Journalism at the University of Groningen. While working for various organisations, Ingeborg became increasingly involved in online marketing and communication. That is why she also took the postgraduate course Digital Marketing & E-commerce at the Beeckestijn Business School in 2011.

Ingeborg worked for a number of years as a communications consultant and online marketer/brand manager for De Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen. Here she was responsible for the (further) development of the online brand and media strategy of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region. In this position, she already worked closely with the HAN University of Applied Sciences and since 2014 she has been a lecturer there in (online) marketing & communication.

“At the HAN I am mainly working for The Arnhem Business School. Here I teach international students. In addition, I am currently on loan to The Economic Board via HAN for one year. Here I work on the realization of an international talent portal that profiles the Arnhem-Nijmegen-Wageningen region in the areas of working, studying, living and entrepreneurship. It is a very dynamic job that has given me a lot of energy. I find it super inspiring to work with young people from all kinds of cultures. Especially if they want to learn and develop themselves!”

“I enjoy people who show personal growth, are positive and want to get the best out of themselves.”
Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Ingeborg does not have a specific Muse or source of inspiration. “I enjoy people who show personal growth, are positive and want to get the best out of themselves. That is what inspires me. It's not about being handsome or famous, but about being pure and real. For example, I have nothing with all those so-called celebrities, just give me real people or bloggers.”

“I particularly get inspiration from social media, such as Instagram. LisagoesVegan is the someone I find inspirational to follow. She is a vegan who – without judging non-vegans – promotes veganism and a (more) sustainable lifestyle in a modern/trendy way, just by giving simple tips and an insight into her life.”

To the question what clothing means to her: "Beautiful clothes can make me happy. It makes me happy to wear beautiful items myself, but also when others do. My style is simple with a twist. A basic tunic or dress with striking pumps or sneakers in bright colors for example. I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of durability and clothing. No more fast fashion for me, I prefer timeless items that last longer than one season. I particularly like that about the collections of JapanTKY. Moreover, because of the fabrics used, it is super clothing to take with you while traveling!”

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