Zooming in: A closer look at online learning By Amy Sullivan, Anita Liu, Mella Bettag, and Tomi Osawa

This set of infographics aims to uncover students' opinions about online learning, and more specifically about Zoom, the video conferencing platform most students use to attend class.

Infographics by Amy Sullivan and Anita Liu

Illustrations by Mella Bettag and Tomi Osawa

Data from a voluntary survey of 360 students conducted by The Lowell from October to November 2020

Do you prefer in-person classes or on Zoom?

Which function of Zoom do you think is the most beneficial to distance learning?

Do you feel comfortable turning on your camera in class?

Top reasons why students don't feel comfortable turning on their camera

Do you feel more comfortable participating in in-person classes or Zoom classes?

How much do you agree with the following statement? Zoom’s chat function has allowed me to participate more in class.

Has your screen time increased during distance learning? If so, by how many hours?