THANK YOU! Because of you, people found Jesus—and Jesus changes lives.

In 2019, Resonate missionaries, church planters, and campus ministers shared amazing testimonies of how God is working through your support.


Eleazar was caught in an addiction, but God turned his life around.

He’s now sharing his faith with teenagers.

Watch Eleazar's amazing story.


Hauwa practiced Islam but discovered Jesus after joining a church plant in Sierra Leone that you support. God answered her prayers and gave her peace.

Read Hauwa's full story here.


Luis had planned to end his life but discovered hope in Christ through a campus ministry that you support in New Jersey.

Read the full story here.

You’re not only helping people discover Christ. You’re empowering new Christians and long-time believers to share their faith.


Because you support Resonate missionaries at LCC International University in Lithuania, Evelina accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Now, she’s inviting people she doesn’t know very well to get coffee and talk about faith.

Watch the video to hear Evelina share her testimony!


Your support of Resonate helps CRC churches in Canada and the United States reach their local communities.

Churches in Michigan came together to share the gospel with kids in their neighborhoods who have never heard of Jesus.

Read more about how these churches reimagined VBS here.


With your support, Stefan and Sousan started a Bible study among newcomers in Germany. The Bible study quickly grew into a church plant.

Watch the story of Stefan and Sousan's new church!

You’re providing training and discipleship that equips believers to transform the communities where God has placed them.


Josh is leading a ministry house in Detroit that you support.

The house church has become an important space for people to find resources, community, and Christ.

Learn more about how you're raising up local leaders in Detroit here.


Inspired and equipped by training you provided, Pastor Teopista worked with local leaders to provide clean water for the people of her small fishing village.

People were so curious why a church would want to give them water. Now, more people are coming to church and learning about Jesus!

Watch the story of how this pastor is changing a village!

Thank you for joining God on his mission to save the lost and renew all things! We can’t wait to see how God uses you this year!