Soufrière Pier

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design a pier for the town of Soufrière that will serve primarily as an emergency evacuation route but also as a fishing dock, and a community center with shops for the people of Soufrière.

Importance of a Pier

Long-term importance

  • Economic boost through fishing and tourism
  • Communal boost through recreational activities


  • Hurricane Maria relief
  • Easy access to supplies
  • Transportation and evacuation route

Constructing the Pier

  • Established basic idea of design through recommendations from locals
  • Researching pier construction taking place in the Botanical Gardens
  • Planning final design to start professional blueprints

Project Management

  • Collaborating with Clemson professors that have professional experience
  • Utilizing real-world tools and software
  • Created our own professional timeline to construct Pier
Microsoft Project

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