Gun control What I Think

Bearing arms is a right fundamental to our country. The right to bear arms is a right our country fought for before it was independent and it is a right we still fight for today. Strict gun control laws may help a small percent of the population but they do not help the majority. Gun rights are a huge part of the United States now and have been since its founding. If more gun control laws are enacted our country will be in the hands of those who illegally obtain and use guns and not those who use guns legally in order to protect our nation's freedom.

There are two sides to every argument, for this one, there are people for gun rights and others for gun control. Gun rights activists are people who fight for the rights the own and carry a gun. Gun control activists are people who want more laws and policies to control the use and making of guns.

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment states that we can form well regulated Militias to secure the Free State and that the right for people to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed. Gun control laws will take away the rights given to the people by the Second Amendment. Laws like not being able to own a gun that shoots more that one round at a time or the law that requires some states to have people who want to buy guns pass a two-hour anger management class. Laws like these not only infringe on Second Amendment right ,but it also goes against the purpose of the Second Amendment also. The Second Amendment is in place to protect us as a people from a tyrannical government and to protect ourselves from any other person who tries to take away our individual rights. Taking away rights given to us by the Second Amendment is only going to put the United States in an even worse situation. More gun control laws will turn the United States into a large scale Chicago.

There are about 270,000,000 legally obtained and registered guns in the United States. Out of 100 people 88.8 people own a gun, and 22% of those people own two or more guns. That is the highest number of guns and the highest per capita in the world. If more gun control laws were going to be enacted how would one enforce them without violating one of those individuals many rights. There are too many guns and to many people with guns to enforce any major gun control laws without causing havoc. Enacting more gun control laws would only encourage the individuals with the 270,000,000 guns to do illegal things to keep their guns or to continue to do the things they already do with their guns. In 2016, 52% of the American population supported gun rights so, that will make it even harder to make the change to more gun control laws.

I personal think that there needs to be a balance of gun rights and gun control. I believe that everyone should have a gun to protect themselves but if you do not want to have a gun you should still feel safe. Throughout history guns have done great things and they have done horrible bad things. If a balance is found between gun rights and gun control the United States will be an even better,safer, place.


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