CIMMYT Annual Report 2018 Harnessing the power of partnerships and innovation

The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in 2018

Nicole L. Birrell, Board of Trustees Chair:

"CIMMYT continues to respond to a changing environment. The research-for-development dialogue is gravitating towards improved food systems supporting healthy diets that are sustainably produced and climate-resilient."

Martin Kropff, Director General:

"2018 showed us that the only constants are the passion and values of our staff and partners, which help CIMMYT to have major impact on the livelihoods of smallholders and the poor. This Annual Report pays tribute to them."

Climate-smart maize-legume farms power resilience in Africa

Family farmers, researchers, and other value chain actors have together amassed eight years of evidence on how maize and legume conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification practices can thrive in diverse socioeconomic and agroecological environments.

Orange is the new white

130,000 households are growing and eating provitamin A-enhanced orange maize in Zimbabwe, a country where thousands of children suffer acute malnutrition.

Opening space for innovation through gender-smart approaches

  • In 2018, GENNOVATE specialists conducted workshops, communication initiatives, and dissemination events.
  • CIMMYT-led initiatives in Ethiopia are helping gender awareness and gender-sensitive approaches to spread.
  • In South Asia, CIMMYT is working to promote inclusive and sustainable farming.

Rapid responses to emerging threats

Rapid and coordinated action among public and private institutions across sub- Saharan Africa has helped contain the spread of the deadly maize lethal necrosis (MLN) disease, averting a potential food security disaster in the region.

Field gene sequencing to control wheat rust disease

A revolutionary method using palm-sized gene sequencers is improving the ability of Ethiopia’s researchers, policymakers and farmers to curtail virulent fungal pathogen outbreaks on wheat.

New wheat reference sequence

A blueprint for effective breeding.

Targeted tools and practices to tackle climate change

Decades of research and application by scientists, extension workers, machinery specialists, and farmers have perfected practices that conserve soil and water resources, improve yields under hotter and dryer conditions, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and pollution associated with maize and wheat farming in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Systems, scaling, and suitable mechanization for smallholder farmers

A new approach is helping to extend the benefits of international maize and wheat research to more farmers and consumers in developing countries in transformative and lasting ways.

Scaling out sustainable farming in Mexico

More than 0.5 million Mexican farmers have adopted research products for maize and wheat conservation, improvement, sustainable production, and commercialization over the past 8 years.

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