Exams Post - Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit

Part I: Post- Test Analysis

I recently took my second exam for MATH 2070 and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Before the exam, I felt pretty prepared and thought that I would do fine, but during the exam I was very anxious and could not concentrate very well. As I was taking the test, I was counting all of the problems I was not 100% positive one and counting them off of my final grade. (For example, when I wasn't positive on a multiple choice problem I automatically counted off 3 points for the total 100%) This caused me to be even more stressed and not focused on the material. Anyways, when I got the test back and saw that I got a B I was very happy since I studied a lot and felt that I knew the material.

Part II: Office Hours Visit

Overall, Dr. McKnew and I both agreed that I did very decent on this test. When she read how I studied for the test she said that that is exactly what she recommends her students do to get prepared for tests. She gave me some studying advice and test anxiety advice. aI took some notes on our conversation.

How to Study:

  • Keep practicing with the old tests posted on the Clemson math department web page.
  • Re-work all of the old Webassignments (homework).
  • Do textbook examples.
  • Go to PAL and tutoring sessions.

Test Anxiety Tips

  • Go with your first instinct.
  • Block everything else out.
  • Don't dwell on the wrong/unsure questions and answers.

Part III: New Study and Test Taking Plan

Dr. McKnew and I devised a new study plan.

I will continue to use the new techniques that I learned in Learning Objective 3: Self-testing. Dr. McKnew said that this is the best way to prepare for the tests. Also I will be using the old homework to test myself.

Dr. McKnew's tips and tricks on how to get in the test-taking mindset.

I will do my best to employ all of these tips and strategies during the next test. As someone with severe test anxiety, these tips will hopefully ease my mind and allow me to focus on better during the next test.

Part IV: Reflection

I was very nervous to produce this exhibit. I don't usually meet with my professors outside of class and honestly I was very anxious to do so. After meeting with Dr. McKnew, I realized that she really did care about my success on the material, but my overall college success. She gave me a ton of great tips on how to study and how to stay calm and focused during the test. She also explained all of the material that I didn't know from the last test. Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit and I think I will start going to office hours after every test that I take so that I will know the material that I missed.

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