Tour of The Harn Museum Marcello duong


me outside the harn

On a brisk Thursday afternoon I was greeted by a friend and then we embarked on our journey throughout the Harn Museum.

Medium and Technique

When an individual first visits an art exhibit or gallery they are greeted by an amalgam of paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings. Most times we take for granted the beauty of an image or object when we view these art objects in a digital format and the art can lose a part of its integrity due its oversimplification by the viewer. However, this was not the case when I first entered the Harn Museum, I was greeted by a beautiful modern art sculpture that had a fusion of minimalism and industrial design. The strikingly simple design compliments the smooth yet rigid material that works in unison to create movement within the piece. Viewing this sculpture in person allowed me really get close and analyze all the intricacies involved in creating this piece of art. The artist's ability to give the illusion of the sculpture balancing upon itself created an awe and allure that really piqued my interest.

Sculpture from the Harn Museum

Design of the Museum

Most of the fun of going to a museum comes from getting lost within the building and creating a pathway that is filled with art that becomes an experience in itself. The way the exhibits were presented to the viewers at the Harn were compartmentalized and filled with an abundance of art pieces that were incredibly detailed and emotional. There was a portion of the museum that highlighted the brutality of war through a graphic portrayal heinous war crimes and unethical treatment of individuals. It was presented in as a series of drawings that depicted political, social, and war life. These works of art really evoked a visceral emotion from myself due to the extremely violent and detailed drawings, yet it's simple presentation to the audience allowed for viewer to "connect the dots" themselves.

Drawing from the Harn Museum

Art and Core Values

Art allows and individual to express themselves in a variety of ways. It allows the viewer to express the emotions, thoughts, desires, passions, etc of the world. The "meaning" a work of art has is solely placed upon the value the viewer sees in the work of art. The sculpture below is clearly abstract and the "meaning" derived from it comes from the emotional and sensory aspect I had when I first viewed it. The straight geometric lines and the soft blending of colors created an optical illusion that created a plethora of lights emanating within the sculpture. This made me think if there is light on the other side am I trapped inside of the gate or outside pf it. The vast size of this sculpture allowed me to really contemplate the intentions the artist had when he created this piece and the intentions I derived from it when looking at the piece.

"key hole" sculpture from the Harn Museum

Art and the Good Life

Artists believe that the tangible expression of emotion allows individuals to see the meaning within the world. Art challenges us, as humans, to recognize societal discrepancies and to view the world from a different perspective. This sculpture shows a small excerpt of culture and way of life of some individuals. The large ornamented hat is merely a sculpture that is symbolic of the different kind of society these individuals live in compared to ourselves. The photograph behind the sculpture places the hat into context and allows the viewer to step into an environment entirely different to what would normally be expected. This work of art allows the viewer to think about the self expression people have around the world regardless of monetary, societal, or political influence.

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