zipadeedoodah zip away life's problems

intro/mission statement:

Come to Zipadeedoodah where zip lining is a daily sport! Here we ensure that you will not have any problems that will distract you from goodness of nature and life itself.


We are located in Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia (South-East Asia). We have chosen this location because it is very green, beautiful and peaceful.


Our government is an LDS presidency, because it outlines all of the main principles and doctrine of this crazy world.



To be able to join zipadeedoodah, you must be willing to abide by, and keep all requirements of the LDS church.


  • You will be self-motivated to attend church meetings on Sundays, and activities on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • You will be educated to at least an eighth grade level, and will not need/want more education, because it will not be needed in this utopia.
  • You will be at an advantage to have the ability to make friends/fun easily.
  • You must be active and willing to participate in all of your activities.
  • You must be kind and respectful, following council of all government and community members.
  • You must respect and will not violate any part of community and/or nature.
  • You will return to your homes before 10 p.m., and must respect others sleep time.
  • You will abide by all church doctrine.
  • You must stay healthy through eating foods that are good for you, exercising daily, and taking care of yourself in a any other way.
  • You will agree to terms and conditions that inform you that a 24 week limit will be set for your stay here at Zipadeedoodah.

persuasive appeal

A little piece of heaven in now here on earth. Zipadeedoodah is a place where everything is problem-free, and safe. You will be excepted, and we ensure that you will have the best time of your life here on earth, as long as you meet all requirements above.

daily schedule:

  1. 10: wake up
  2. 10-11: get ready/eat breakfast
  3. 11-12: zipline
  4. 12-1: lunch and free time
  5. 1-3: zipline
  6. 3-5: family time
  7. 5-7: prepare,eat and clean-up dinner
  8. 7-8: study reflect time/homework for children under 12
  9. 8-9: clean-up house
  10. 9-10: shower
  11. 10-11: get ready for bed
  12. 11: go to bed

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